Why so many British Expats are migrating or moving to Perth and Western Australia and why you should too.

The real estate industry often emphasises the importance of “lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle,” and when it comes to living and working in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, they couldn’t be more accurate. Perth’s isolation adds to its charm, offering a relaxed pace of life and a warm, friendly atmosphere, making it feel like a perpetual working holiday. The delightful weather further enhances the appeal, providing numerous excellent reasons to consider moving to Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia (WA).

Perth stretches across the hinterland between the Darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean, with the original settlement hugging the lower reaches of the Swan River, renowned for its colonies of black swans—the state’s official bird emblem.

Despite its remote location, Perth has a fantastic climate, 19 beautiful beaches, expansive parks and nature reserves, and the iconic Kings Park, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The city boasts a network of perimeter highways, allowing easy travel from north to south and east to west, avoiding the CBD’s traffic. A modern suburban railway and a comprehensive bus network also cater to commuters, making transportation convenient and efficient.

An added benefit is that you can reach the city centre within an hour’s drive even in the sprawling suburbs. Many residents enjoy a rural or semi-rural lifestyle while easily commuting to work or shopping in the city. Moreover, living in Perth means being no more than an hour and a half away from the beaches or the hills, creating a uniquely unique living experience.

Beyond these attributes, there are 37 more compelling reasons to consider residing in Perth or WA. Your decision to relocate there might just be the best lifestyle choice you’ve ever made!

1. Perth People Are Friendly

friends eating dinner

West Australians are a warm, friendly, laid-back bunch on the whole.  They’re used to being forgotten about by the rest of the country, and whilst they prefer to think WA stands for Way Ahead, they accept that Wait Awhile is equally applicable.

That’s because life is a lot more relaxed in Perth.  This is particularly noticeable when you step off the plane after flying in from one of the other state capitals.  There is less traffic on the roads, fewer people in a perpetual hurry to be somewhere else, and a generally chilled-out ‘vibe’ about the place.  If that’s what you’re looking for in your new home down under, choosing to live and work in Perth is a wise decision.

2. Great Place To Bring Up A Family

western australia family beach

If you have a young family or are thinking about starting one when you move, relocating to Perth will let you bring them up in safety and security. It’s an amazingly family-friendly city with many sporting and recreational facilities for children and teenagers, an excellent education system, good health facilities (including a dedicated children’s hospital), and plenty of open spaces for them to enjoy exploring.

The rest of the state isn’t half bad either in this regard. From Perth, you can head off on a family-friendly adventure in any direction and know that wherever you end up, there will be plenty to see, do, and experience.  From world-famous ancient attractions in the north to the picturesque South West, or visiting historic inland towns like York, there’s no shortage of fascinating places to  visit in Perth as well as other parts of Australia.

Even if you decide to hang around home, water parks, amusement playgrounds, activity centres, sports centres, community swimming pools, movie theatres, wildlife sanctuaries, great walking and biking trails, and dozens of local parks keep them occupied.

3. The Best Beaches In The World

Swanbourne Beach Australia

Given that many UK migrants who migrate to Perth have chosen to live in coastal suburbs, we presume the quality of the beaches there played a role in their decision to head to those areas.  And for good reason as it turns out!

Perth’s beaches are internationally acclaimed.  They’re clean, spacious, and quite often empty.  The sand is soft, white, and fluffy compared to the heavier yellow-gold sand of east coast beaches.  Sparkling deep blue and aquamarine water reflect Perth’s pristine blue skies, creating a visual feast that one never grows tired of looking at.

4. Perfect Perth Has A Superb Climate

british expat on beach western australia

Queensland may be called the Sunshine State (there’s that Aussie habit of giving everything a nickname happening again!), but Australia’s sunniest capital city is actually on the opposite side of the country.

True story – when it comes to hours of sunshine, Perth has more than any other Australian capital city.  For Brits hankering after more permanent warmth and sunshine in their lives, that must be one powerful reason you should move to Perth or WA.

Reap The Benefits Of Living In That Gorgeous West Australian Mediterranean Climate

Unlike Brisbane and Queensland, the coast of Western Australia’s warm, sunny climate with its dry summers and wet winters is Mediterranean rather than tropical, meaning there is far less humidity.  Therefore, if you enjoy basking in the dry warmth of countries around the Mediterranean Sea, moving to perfect Perth or the southern half of Western Australia offers you the opportunity to enjoy this climate on a more permanent basis.

5. Perth Is Just That Little Bit Closer To The UK Than Other Australian Cities

non-stop flights London to Perth

Moving halfway around the globe certainly has challenges, but if you choose to migrate to Perth, you’ll have the comfort of knowing it’s the closest Australian city to the UK.  Just a mere 17 hours (16 and a half in ideal weather conditions) away.

Perth is 3 hours closer to London than Adelaide, 4.5 to 5.5 hours closer than either Melbourne or Sydney and 6 hours closer than Brisbane.  That could be a deal breaker if you’re travelling with kids!

6. And You Can Get There Without Changing Flights

In early 2018 the Flying Kangaroo began offering its first non-stop UK to Australia flights between (you guessed it) London and Perth.  The Flying Kangaroo is, of course, the famous Qantas logo.  Qantas flights from London to Australia go via Perth, so it makes a lot of sense to simply hop off at the first stop.  And stay….!

7. Affordability is Definitely One Of The Benefits Of Living In Perth

Leighton Beach

8. An Excellent Education System For Your Kids

WA’s education system is on par with that on the east coast. Modern, fully equipped public schools are dotted around the suburbs, and there are also several highly accredited private schools.  Check our guide to Australia’s school system for more information about what you need to do to get your child into a Perth or WA school.

9. Quality Housing

perth houses

Perth is generally considered to have a higher cost of living compared to many other cities in Australia. However, the city’s urban planning and design have emphasised creating well-planned, livable communities.

Newer Homes Available

Another surprising advantage of buying a house in Perth is that they are typically newer than those on the East Coast.  Being newer means they’re also more modern and, coupled with their affordability, could just provide the incentive you need to choose to migrate to Perth over another Australian city.  A relatively new house, more choices of locations due to the current housing market slump, and at an affordable price ….

10. Plenty Of Work, Particularly If You Have An In Demand Skill

construction jobs perth

Speaking of mining booms – Western Australia is Australia’s mining powerhouse, and there is a current skills shortage. Although Queensland is likewise a major contributor to this sector of the economy, it can’t match WA’s massive iron ore operations in the Pilbara.  For UK tradies and mining-associated professionals, it, therefore, makes perfect sense to migrate to Perth or Western Australia for work or to advance your career.

Further to this, Perth is home to a number of Australia’s largest corporations and has a thriving corporate sector.  Fortescue Metals Group, the 4th largest iron ore producer in the world, has its headquarters in Perth. Wesfarmers is another giant in the Australian corporate landscape that was founded and is still headquartered, in Perth (Wesfarmers owns, amongst other things, the major supermarket chain Coles and its various brands and the Bunnings hardware chain).

Make sure to check out our in demand jobs for skilled migration for moving to Perth and Western Australia.

11. On The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa List

Additionally, Perth is on the list of eligible destinations qualifying for the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa.  This means skilled migrants from countries like the UK can opt to migrate to Perth rather than regional Western Australia and still qualify for a regional visa.

12. Highly Competitive Wages And Salaries

technology business perth

Salaries and wages in Perth and Western Australia are very competitive. The average salary is $91,794 or $47,07 per hour. What does this mean for skilled migrants?  You should be able to command top dollar for your services by choosing to live and work in Perth or WA!

13. You’ll Feel Right At Home

Many British expats decide to move to Perth and Western Australia and it’s not hard to see why. Suburbs are close to beautiful beaches, with easy access to the Perth CBD. Perth also are also excellent shopping centres, sporting complexes and various other recreational facilities.  They also boast the fastest-growing local football (soccer) club in Perth.

14. Low Crime Rate

Perth CBD at night

Perth crime rates are relatively stable, and the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security classifies it as a low-threat location.  However, as with most types of statistical data, certain areas attract more crime than others.  This Crime Map is a great tool to help you choose the Perth suburb you’d like to move to.

15. Enjoy Long Hours Of Beautiful Daylight


Fed up with leaving for work and arriving home in what seems like perpetual darkness?  Forgotten what the outside of your house actually looks like in daylight?

Even in winter, most Perth workers (or those who work the standard 9 – 5 at least) enjoy the benefits of travelling to and from work in daylight.  It’s only during those shortest days of the year around the winter solstice that you may need to switch on the headlights as you roll into your garage or hit the last stretch of road before home.

During June and July, which are mid-winter months in the southern hemisphere, the first light is around 7.15 am, and the last light is 5.20 pm.  In December, which is mid-summer down under, the first light is around 4.30 am and the last light is 7.40 pm.  That’s a lot of sunny daylight hours to enjoy, which is part of the reason Perth is renowned for its outdoor-loving lifestyle.

16. Brisk Early Morning Walks In Balmy Weather Just One Of The Advantages Of Moving To Perth

youth lifestyle perth

Summers in Perth can be hot, but that early rising sun provides plenty of opportunities for getting out into the fresh early morning air before the heat sets in.  Depending on where you choose to live and work in Perth, you could enjoy early morning bush walks in the hills, complete with stunning views out over the city as the sun rises behind you.

Alternatively, closer to the coast there are plenty of picturesque walkways along the pristine beaches Perth is known for.  Marvel at the contrast between white sands, blue Indian Ocean waters, and clear, clean early morning skies. As we mentioned at the start, nowhere in Perth is more than an hour to an hour and a half’s drive from either of these destinations.

Perth also has plenty of parks around the suburbs that are excellent early-morning destinations for early risers.  If you live and work in the city itself, head to Kings Park and its breathtaking views out over the Perth CBD and the sparkling waters of the Swan River.

17. Cheaper rentals compared to other cities in Australia

If you’d prefer to rent, at least until you work out where you want to set down more permanent roots, Perth is a good bet.  The median Perth house rental is $580 per week, whereas other cities such as Darwin and Canberra are slightly more expensive.

18. Quality Fresh Food

Many people who have lived in Australian capital cities invariably say the same thing.  The quality of fresh food generally in Perth is better, particularly when dining out.

Other cities do have the good stuff, but it tends to be pricey and only found in a few of the top restaurants.  In Perth, you’ll find the same quality of food in many more places without having to pay top dollar for it.

This is partly because Perth is surrounded by agricultural areas on 3 sides and by the ocean (seafood) on the 4th. These areas are within easy driving reach of the city so it’s not difficult to source fresh locally grown produce.  That’s a significant consideration if you have a young family.

19. Far More Pleasant, And Shorter, Commutes

Barrack Square Perth

Unless they’re fortunate enough to work from home, most working Perth people face a daily commute to and from their place of employment.  That may be by car, and if you work somewhere accessible by one of the freeways or major highways, Perth does suffer from its fair share of peak-hour traffic snarls.  However, it’s nothing like that experienced by motorists in many other major cities.

Alternatively, you may opt to use public transport.  Perth has a reasonably good bus service that covers most of the major population centres and popular suburbs.  There is also an electric train service that is pretty good by Australian and even international standards.  The trains are quiet, modern, spacious, well-maintained and nowhere near as crowded as you’re probably used to, even in peak hours.  If you are used to London’s Tube at peak hours, you’re definitely in for a pleasant surprise.

20. Moving and shipping your belongings to Perth and Western Australia is Easy

Another benefit of Western Australia being a popular destination for British migrants and expats is that shipping your belongings is easy and cost-effective. If you are just shipping boxes you’ll find regular sailings so it’s cheap and quick to send them as groupage.

For international removals to Australia, your shipping container will likely dock at Perth, Fremantle or another big port and your belongings will be delivered by our partners.

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21. Quality Roads That Make For Relaxed Driving

Perth roads overall are good quality.  They’re generally well maintained, nice and wide, clearly signposted and marked, and unless a major arterial route, don’t have a huge amount of traffic

The sprawling nature of Perth’s development lends itself to driving around; in fact, without a car, you’ll be severely limited in what you can do and where you can go.  Fortunately, it is relatively easy to navigate your way around, and if you get stuck, there’s always the GPS.

And as Australians drive on the left side of the road shipping your car to Australia could be a viable option.

22. A Thriving Hub For Technology, Innovation And Related Start-Ups

bell tower perth

Perth and WA is a humming hub of technology and innovation that has catalysed the development and creation of many digital and technology start-ups.  Much of the technological boom comes courtesy of mining and its associated industries, which are arguably amongst the most significant users and developers of technology.

Many of the major mining companies are actively involved in funding and co-developing valuable technologies.  Many have operations in Western Australia and keenly support local WA talent and technology.

Perth has seen a real boom in the tech and innovation space, with a growing number of entrepreneurs, networking groups and co-working spaces popping up. Perth is also home to technology festivals, and there are several sponsored programs for creative initiatives. Over the past 8 years, more than 400 digital and internet start-ups have formed.

23. Northbridge – Home Of Australia’s Fine Dining Experiences

Perth is a foodie’s dream, offering up some of the best dining experiences you’ll find anywhere in Oz.

Just north of the Perth CBD is Northbridge, a precinct famous for its nightlife and culinary offerings.  Notably, the area abounds with ethnic cuisine outlets, many of them world-class and very popular with Perth’s own migrant communities.  That’s always an indication of authenticity and quality.

Simply pick a favourite cuisine, and you’ll find an eatery somewhere in Northbridge that makes it.  As an added bonus, Northbridge’s central location and proximity to public transport mean it’s super easy to get there for a great night out, no matter where you live in Perth.

However, you’ll also find that trendy eating spots offering the latest culinary and dining adventures are also springing up elsewhere around Perth.  You may in fact, discover that your favourite is tucked away no further than your local shopping centre, and there’s one of those in almost every Perth suburb now.

24. From Ethnic Dining To Fine Wines

In the wine-producing world, Western Australia is well known for its world-class Margaret River vineyards and vintages, which are located just a few hours drive south of Perth.  However, what may not be quite well known is that Perth also has vineyards and wineries within its boundaries.

The Swan Valley was one of the first areas of Perth to be settled and early wine growers quickly established vineyards on the gravely well-drained slopes of the Swan River.  Today, many of these vineyards still exist, with their own cellars offering locally grown and produced wines to the public.

So if you fancying a drop of red (or white) but aren’t overly keen on a drive down to Margaret River, just head to the Swan Valley instead.  You’ll also find a huge selection of restaurants, cafes, boutique breweries, gourmet goods, and souvenir shops as you wind along beautiful West Swan Road.

gold mining Western Australia

25. The Unforgettable Margaret River Chocolate Factory

While meandering along West Swan Road, do not miss THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!  A visit to this place at least once in your lifetime is a must-do, especially if you’re a chocolate fan (and who isn’t)!  Their chocolate is to die for, the settings and gardens are beautiful, and it’s conveniently located within cooee of all the other culinary attractions on West Swan Road.

26. Don’t Forget Those Cheese Factories Either

Wine and cheese go together like nothing else, so it’s not surprising that Swan Valley also offers some excellent cheese-tasting experiences.  So if you’re worried about missing your favourite British cheese, just wait to try the local varieties here! Several cheese factories in the area offer tastings to go with a drop or two of wine.

Overall, a weekend afternoon or three exploring the Swan Valley and all its gastronomic offerings is not a bad way to relax and unwind after a busy working week.  Or to prepare for the forthcoming one.  And the best part is that it’s all within an hour’s drive of anywhere in Perth.  That’s something you’ll be hard-pressed to find in any other Australian capital city!

27. Expert Baristas And Super Coffee Houses

coffee in Perth cafe

Melbournians like to claim they know a thing or three about coffee.  However, for the coffee aficionados, there’s much to love about Perth’s coffee scene too.  One of Australia’s best-loved coffee chains had its humble beginnings in Perth and is still headquartered here.  Today there are over 130 famous Dôme cafés around Australia and 5 other countries.

Dôme coffee ranks right up there amongst the best of the best, and more importantly, you’ll probably find you’re never very far away from one in Perth.  In fact, when you land in sunny Perth, there’s one tucked away in the airport terminal.  There’s another one in the Perth domestic terminal.

If you can’t locate your local Dôme, don’t panic.  Perth has many other excellent coffee houses and shops, including Gloria Jean’s outlets and locally owned specialist coffee shops where the owners take great pride in producing the best coffee you’ll taste anywhere!

Incidentally, one coffee chain you won’t find in Perth is Starbucks and for good reason.  Perth coffee fans, like most Australian coffee drinkers, didn’t take kindly to the sweeter (and more expensive) Starbucks style of coffee when it first arrived on their shores.

Australians learnt their coffee-loving habits from Greek and Italian immigrants who brought with them the art of making the perfect espresso.  Espresso is the crucial ingredient in Australia’s favourite coffee brew, the flat white.  Therefore, coffee chains and shops established by descendants of Australian coffee-making pioneers (like Dôme) could hold their ground against the ‘foreign intruder’.

28. Pastries And Cakes To Die For

In 1971 an enterprising Swedish migrant named Maud Edmiston missed the delectable Swedish pastries and cafés found in her home country so much that she opened her own shop.  The inaugural Miss Maud Swedish Pastry House shop was located in a Perth CBD arcade and morphed into an 18-outlet-strong chain of delicious pastry houses and a catering service.

Miss Maud, pastries, cakes and other scrumptious goodies are now familiar items on catering tables around Perth and definitely something you must try when you arrive in Perth.  Especially if you have a sweet tooth!

There are plenty of other similarly excellent businesses dotted around Perth.  In fact, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cakes, pastries and most types of delectably delicious desserts.

29. Have An Overseas Holiday Without Leaving Perth

Northwest Island beach

We mentioned Perth’s numerous parks earlier, including the famous Kings Park and Botanic Gardens on Mt Eliza just outside the CBD.  However, most Australian capital cities can boast of having similar parks.  What they don’t have, though, is an A Class nature reserve sitting just off the coast, a mere 30-minute boat trip away.

Rottnest Island (or Rotto to locals) is one of, if not the, most popular summer holiday destinations for many Perth families.  It’s that overseas holiday you can boast of without leaving the state or city.

Rotto is more than just an excellent place for a holiday, although it’s undoubtedly that with its beautiful beaches, excellent diving locations, and relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.  It’s also home to a range of Australian and West Australian fauna, including the world’s largest population of the vulnerable listed quokka.  Quokkas are the only mammal native to the island, but you’ll also spot reptiles and birds there.

If you wish to make the move to Australia, make sure to check out essential guide for moving to Australia.

30. Closer To Top Asian Holiday Destinations

Courtesy of its location on the remote west coast of Australia, Perth is far closer to popular Asian tourist destinations like Bali and Phuket than other Australian cities.  Bali, in fact is just a short 3-hour plane ride away.  It takes the same time to fly to Adelaide, Perth’s closest neighbouring Australian capital city.  Yes, Perth is that isolated, which many born and bred West Aussies find very convenient.

Therefore, if you feel the urge to jet off overseas somewhere exotic and to the northeast of Australia, you’re at least 3 hours closer than you would be if you lived in another state or city.  That translates into cost savings on your airfares, less time spent on the plane, and of course, not having to change planes.  Simply head straight to Perth’s international terminal and board your flight.

31. Australia’s Top-Ranked University For Skills And International Student Education Experience

Perth City Library study

Western Australia has numerous excellent universities. Notre Dame has a global reputation for providing Australia’s best ‘quality of education experience’ and ‘skills scale’.  It also ranks first for providing the best international student experience, an important consideration for new migrants living in Perth, or considering migrating to Perth.

Curtin University has an internationally renowned reputation for conducting world-class research and training.  Murdoch University has its acclaimed School of Veterinary Medicine – some of the country’s top veterinarians, particularly equine vets, are Murdoch Uni graduates.

Perth definitely has your child’s education covered, from kindergarten to university.

32. The Heritage Precinct Of Fremantle

ship in fremantle harbour

Perth’s port city Fremantle, or Freo as you’ll come to know it as if you migrate to Perth, has been granted the honour of making Lonely Planet’s top world cities to visit. Today Freo enjoys a reputation as a cosmopolitan destination for lovers of craft beers, excellent coffee, fascinating maritime history, and exciting shopping experiences.

It is also a remarkably well-preserved example of a port streetscape from the 19th century.  Some say the best in the world.  A wander around the port city’s streets will take you past heritage buildings like the famous Fremantle Prison and transport you back to when the port was a bustling hive of maritime and convict activity.

Housing options in Fremantle are also delightful, with heritage-style cottages alongside rows of modern terrace housing.  Will you perhaps find your next home amongst them?

33. Plenty For Sports Fans

basketball australia

Love your sport, particularly footie?  Perth is the home of Perth Glory, one of Australia’s top football teams.  A word here – ‘football’ in Oz could refer to one of several different codes.  Traditionally Aussies have been in the US habit of calling football ‘soccer’.  This differentiates it from the other footie codes here – Rugby and Australian Rules Football (AFL).

However, the AFF has now decreed it is to be called ‘football’, thus bringing the country into line with the rest of the football-playing world.  Therefore, to avoid confusion as to which code you’re talking about, it’s best to refer to Rugby as either Union or League and Australian Rules Football as AFL.

Whatever sport you’re interested in, you’ll undoubtedly find a team to join if you decide to migrate to Perth.  There is also a comprehensive network of junior sports and athletics, just perfect for the kids and getting them out into that beautiful Perth weather.  Just another thing that makes Perth the ideal family-friendly place it is.

34. You Can Earn A Degree In Football (And AFL)

We mentioned those ‘proudly Pommy’ suburbs and their fondness for soccer, AKA football, earlier.  It seems a local educational campus considered this so significant that they set up a course to teach you even more about it.

The Football Performance Major course is offered at the Joondalup campus of Edith Cowan University and is part of their Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports Science) degree.  A similar course is now offered in Victoria but originally, Perth was literally the only place in Australia where you could enrol in a university course that gives you a football degree!

What an excellent option for football-mad teens!  A life spent pursuing their passion even if they don’t, or can’t, play themselves.

35. Great Hotels

COMO Treasury Hotel

If you’re migrating to Perth, staying in hotels will not be something you’ll do much of.  However, it is worth mentioning a couple ofexcellent ones. One of the hotels is COMO, The Treasury Hotel in the CBD.  This elegantly understated hotel is considered the best city hotel in Australia.  The other one is Crown Towers Perth across the river in Burswood; it also has the distinction of being Perth’s most expensive hotel.

36. The Best Craft Brews

We’ve touched on Perth and WA’s super collection of local wines from Margaret River and the Swan Valley already, but if you’re not into grapes, there are plenty of alternatives.  Perth has a collection of boutique and craft breweries that rank amongst the best in the country, if not the world.

Names like Little Creatures, Nail Brewing, Mash, Gage Roads, Feral Brewing (who produce the award-winning Hop Hog) consistently make the Top 20 craft breweries.  Other names you’ll no doubt become familiar with include Duckstein, a German speciality brewer, and Elmar’s In The Valley.

Whisky fanciers will enjoy the bourbon-style product of Whipper Snapper Distillery.  The Great Northern Distillery produces a mean drop of Canefire Rum, and for gin and vodka drinkers, there is Wild Swan Distilling.

Alternatively, you could hook up with one of the many home brewing outfits around Perth and learn how to make your own.  Whichever way you look, there’s much to offer beer fans in Perth.

37. Helpful and supportive expat communities

Another great benefit of living in Australia is the many British and other expat support groups and communities. You can look them up on Facebook and have a ready-to-go social network as soon as you land.

The Facebook Group Poms in Perth has over 26,000 members and averages over 30 daily posts. There are also online forums such as International, which has a forum dedicated to British Expats living in Perth.

Need help moving to Perth and Western Australia

Optus Stadium Perth

That summarises our list of reasons you should move to Perth, Western Australia, if considering migrating Down Under.  There are so many advantages and benefits that it’s a smart move on all fronts – lifestyle, financially, career-wise, and for your family.

Once you have your visa and are ready to go, make sure you give us at PSS a call. We help thousands of Brits move to Australia every year, and it goes without saying that our Perth and Western Australia removals services are top-rated for those looking to move.