Have questions about migrating Down Under? Get advice from the experts.

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder than ever to get a skilled visas for Australia or New Zealand. Despite this, many British people are still making their dream of starting a new life Down Under come true. The difference is that in 2019-2020 it is more important than ever before to do your research and ensure your visa application is meticulous in every detail.

Relying on outdated advice on internet forums is certainly not good enough – you need advice that is tailored to your personal situation and the current emigration environment if your application is to be successful.

So what’s the answer?

You need to get up-to-date advice and help from experts in the field of migrating Down Under, and the best way to do that is to attend a seminar where they are all located in one place.

Such a series of seminars are taking place this autumn and are being run by the Emigration Group – one of the leading migration agencies who’ve helped over 18,000 people make the successful move to Australia and New Zealand.

No matter what your personal circumstances are, they will have experienced something similar before and will be able to give you an honest assessment of chances as well as coming up with some alternative ways of making your dream move a reality.

There are two seminars taking place this November in Chester. The morning seminar focuses on Australia and the afternoon one New Zealand, so you can choose the seminar that’s relevant to you or attend both if you are still exploring different options. (If you can’t make these see below on how to get a free initial assessment).

What will you learn?

emigration group seminar 1a

The seminars cover three important areas. Firstly, the visa process giving you an understanding of what is involved, which is the right visa for you, how to obtain it and the obstacles you could face.

Secondly, they cover the all-important subject of employment, including giving you a better understanding of working conditions in Australia and New Zealand, which occupations are in demand and also different methods of finding the best employment opportunities for you.

Finally, they talk about what it’s really like to live Down Under, including what to expect in terms of lifestyle, culture and settling in as an expat.

But this is not all. At the seminar there will be other experts on hand to answer your questions and give you advice on all aspects of starting a new life in Australia or New Zealand.

For example, we (PSS Removals) will be there to talk you through the international removals process including what you can and can’t take, what budget you should allocate and ensure you fully understand everything that’s involved.

Other experts include Halo Financial to talk about transferring your money internationally with tips that could give you thousands extra towards your move budget. The Commonwealth Bank will be at the Australia seminar to talk about how you can have all your banking and finances arranged before you even set foot in the country. This alone will save you a lot of worries when you first arrive.

How to book your place

emigration-group-australia-new-zealand-migration-seminars-1So if you are seriously at starting your new life in Australia or New Zealand, then you can’t afford not to be there.

Places are limited to just 50 people as they want to ensure everyone gets personal service and has all their questions answered.

For November’s seminars, it’s best to call and book direct on 01244 321 414. Mention that you were recommended by PSS and they’ll ensure you get you a place.

There is a small fee of £15 per person (£25 for couples) to cover costs and refreshments, but this is a very small price to pay to save you so much time and trouble further down the road.

Join us at the seminar and these experts will get you on the fast track to a new life in Australia or New Zealand.

Australia Migration Seminar: Saturday AM 9th November in Chester Crowne Plaza Hotel

New Zealand Migration Seminar: Saturday PM 9th November in Chester Crowne Plaza Hotel

If you can’t make any of these seminars,  the next best thing is to give the Emigration Group a call direct on 01244 321 414 or visit their website at www.emigrationgroup.com. Mention that you were recommended by PSS International Removals and they will be happy to answer your questions and give you a free initial visa assessment.

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