New Zealand has become an attractive destination for people looking to emigrate due to spectacular scenery, a low-crime rate, a strong economy and an English-speaking European-based culture. The vast majority of people who move to New Zealand are keen to settle and buy property. You can get some great value-for-money houses and it’s worth having a good search before you commit.  New Zealand is a hugely diverse country and so you can buy a wide variety of properties too – everything from beachside houses to city apartments.

House prices vary considerably throughout the country, with Auckland being easily the most expensive area, and prices are increasing significantly on a continuing basis.

Median dwelling prices for all of the country excluding Auckland are currently around £200,000, compared to Auckland’s median price of some £370,000 (figures current as at May 2015). Affecting this considerable difference is the comparatively high number of Auckland homes selling at over $NZ1 million (£450,000), along with a low supply to demand ratio.

The main thing in New Zealand is choosing the location that is right for your needs – Auckland is the number one choice for immigrants because of its dominance in the domestic and international business arena.  It is also the main destination for international flights.  But there are many other economic or lifestyle “hot spots”, depending on what your personal requirements are. There are certainly a lot of options to consider.  There are also some excellent websites to base your research on, such as, or the locally-based

Whilst the traditional house with a plot of land is still readily obtainable, New Zealand has seen in recent years a proliferation of apartment buildings being developed in the main cities, reflecting a major change in people’s living styles.

Usual property rules apply in that you will pay a premium for a spectacular view – however, New Zealand has more than its fair share of spectacular views, so you can still can still find a property in a brilliant location for a reasonable amount of money.

Generally speaking the North Island is more expensive than the South Island, but as mentioned before, there is a lot of local variation.

The actual process of buying a property is fairly straightforward – you make an offer, and once you have a mortgage, and searches and surveys have been completed, you sign a contract and pay a 10% deposit.  Completion usually follows after three weeks and it’s unusual for there to be long delays.

Legal fees and expenses are low and will come in at around £1000 or less.

It is possible to arrange your mortgage before you arrive in New Zealand, or you can do it once you have arrived.  Due to the high number of immigrants, financial institutions are used to looking at documents from other countries, but basically they will be looking at your income, how much deposit you have and your existing financial commitments.

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