It’s good news if you’re looking to find work in New Zealand in 2017. An increasing number of job vacancies have appeared across a range of key industries, many of which will welcome applicants from overseas.

The figures come from Jobs Online which published its report at the end of last year after measuring changes in online job advertisements from three internet job boards – SEEK, Trade Me Jobs and the Education Gazette.

Its key findings concluded that month on month the following statistics were revealed:

– Vacancies increased in six out of the eight industry groups. The main contributors were construction and engineering (up 2.2 per cent) and healthcare and medical (up 1.2 per cent).

– Vacancies increased in all eight occupation groups. The largest was seen with labourers (2.1%) and machinery operators and drivers (1.9%).

– All five skill levels also saw vacancies increased, with unskilled jobs taking up the biggest increase (2.3%) and the low skilled with 1.4%.

– Eight of the ten regions also saw an increase of vacancies. Auckland’s grew by 1.6%, Otago/Southland, 1.5% and Gisborne/Hawke’s Bay, 1.2%. There were vacancy falls in both Canterbury and Wellington.

Year on year the statistics were also promising:

– Within industry groups all eight saw an increase in vacancies, with hospitality and tourism (up 17.2 per cent), followed by construction and engineering (up 15.9 per cent, and education and training (up 15.7 per cent).

– Over the year, job vacancies increased in all eight occupation groups. The biggest increase was for machinery drivers and operators (up 25.8 per cent), followed by labourers (up 24.0 per cent).

– All skill level saw an increase in vacancies. The biggest increase was for unskilled (up 21.6 per cent), followed by low skilled (up 14.8 per cent) vacancies.

– Nine out of ten regions saw an increase in vacancies with the Bay of Plenty (up 25.7 per cent) and Gisborne/Hawke’s Bay (up 25.2 per cent) taking the top two spots. Only in Canterbury did vacancies fall, down by 2.3%.

It also found that the occupations growing most quickly over the year were as follows, showing the percentage change from November 2015-November 2016.

– Management,  Conference and Event Organisers, 57%

– Professional, Environment Scientists, 98%

– Technicians and Trade Workers, Other Building and Engineering Technicians, 83%

– Community and Personal Services, Security Officers and Guards, 52%

– Clerical and Administration, Other Clerical and Office Support Workers, 102%

– Sales, Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers, 43%

– Machinery Drivers, Delivery Drivers, 81%

– Labourers, Concreters, 109%

For more information about careers and salaries please see here.

New Zealand operates a strict immigration points system and those wishing to emigrate there need to be able to fulfil visa requirements. This will involve looking at the ‘Skills In Demand’ list and being able to offer these services to the country. The Point System allows for Expressions of Interest to be ranked so applicants who have the most to offer can be extended an invitation for emigration to New Zealand.

Points are based on employability, work experience, qualifications, family ties and age.

To find out more please see here.

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