Looking to move to Australia? Here are some great reasons why you should seriously consider moving to Brisbane and Queensland

For many Brits hankering after a warmer climate, Queensland, Australia, epitomises sun, sand, and surf. Indeed, with sunshine-bathed, marine destinations like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Great Barrier Reef on offer, it is not surprising Australia’s Sunshine State tops a lot of sun-loving Brits’ ‘Where to Move To’ list.

Queensland has some of the most diverse ecosystems, flora, fauna, and landscapes you will find anywhere. From the warm tropical north to the more temperate south, with starkly beautiful interior desert landscapes, Queensland is ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’. Indeed, one of the great reasons to move to Brisbane and Queensland is that they offer a bit of something for everyone.

Sunny Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city, is Australia’s third-largest and fastest-growing city and home to just under 2.5 million people. It is an affectionate city, nicknamed ‘Bris Vegas’. The most logical explanation is that Brisbane was the first Australian capital city to host a casino. It may also be an ironic reference to Brisbane’s down-to-earth, no-frills character, which is a direct contrast to glitzy Las Vegas. Australians do irony exceptionally well so this explanation is a distinct possibility!

Here are some great benefits of moving to Brisbane and Queensland:

1. Enjoy Sun Glorious Sun Every DayQueensland Gold Coast Beach

Just about every list of great reasons to move to Brisbane and Queensland starts with sunshine and beaches, and for a good reason. Brisbane enjoys around 300 glorious sun-filled days a year with daytime temperatures that rarely drop below a balmy 20°C (70°F), even in the colder months. Only one other Australian city is sunnier.

2. Visit Streets Beach Aquatic Playground

If you do not want to travel too far to the beach from your leafy Brisbane suburb, you will be delighted to know there is an option right on your doorstep! Streets Beach is the only beach of its kind in Australia.

There are also two interactive water playgrounds right next door –Aquativity and the Boat Pool. Streets Beach is part of an aquatic complex covering around 17 hectares on the banks of the Brisbane River in South Bank. When you have finished playing in the water, the Queensland Maritime Museum is just a short stroll away, and always worth a visit.

3. Plenty Of Space To Live A Glorious Outdoor Lifestyle

property in australia

Other states in Australia are famous for their outdoor lifestyle. Queensland however takes this to a completely new level because its balmy climate lends itself perfectly to outdoor living. Imagine alfresco dining on a wide Queenslander veranda, picnics in the local park with the scent of gum trees wafting in the breeze, and beachside BBQs….

If your house has a swimming pool in the backyard, and many Queensland homes do, you can enjoy cooling dips on warm summer afternoons when the kids get home from school. Then there are all those sports and recreational options available on the weekends….

Fun fact – when it comes to swimming pools, Australia has the highest ownership rate per capita in the world. Regional Queensland tops the list, with Brisbane coming in third after Perth.

4. Good Employment Opportunities In A Growing Economy

Australia is currently experiencing some skills shortages across almost all sectors courtesy of a growing economy. In Queensland, active mining, agricultural, tourism, hospitality, conservation and wildlife industries in particular offer good employment and career prospects. It is an ideal time to consider your options for moving there if you have in-demand skills.

Brisbane likewise is a diverse business and economic hub. Many international and Australian companies have offices there so you will find a range of associated employment options across a variety of industries.

Queensland also currently has the second-highest number of start-up innovation hubs in the country. It comes courtesy of some good sponsorship and grant programs implemented by the state government.

5. Unique World Heritage Listed Areas


Australia has 11 World Natural Heritage Listed areas. Five of them are in Queensland. They are:

  • The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World alongside other wonders like Mt Everest, Victoria Falls, the Grand Canyon etc
  • The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, which incorporates the ancient Daintree National Park
  • The Scenic Rim National Parks area, a large region of subtropical rainforest near Brisbane
  • Fraser Island
  • The Riversleigh Fossil Fields

A move to Queensland will put these natural wonders on your doorstep!

We have given these areas their own sections because each one contributes to making Queensland the truly unique and special place it is. They also provide unparalleled opportunities to experience and learn about ancient ecosystems and habitats you will not find anywhere else in the world. In our opinion, that entitles them to be on any list of great reasons to move to Brisbane and Queensland.

Did you know? Queensland is the only place in the world where 2 heritage-listed areas converge. Experience this phenomenon at Cape Tribulation on the far north Queensland coast, where the Wet Tropics and its 150 million-year-old Daintree Rainforest touches the coastline alongside the 500,000-year-old Great Barrier Reef.

6. Beautiful Beaches, Stunning Ocean Vistas, And The Two ‘Coasts’ On Your Doorstep

Brisbane and Queensland Sun

Queenslanders will tell you no one does beaches and oceans quite like Queensland! Although West Aussies may beg to differ as their pristine white beaches do rank amongst the best in the world, it is fair to say Queensland beaches are all they are made out to be, and then some.

Most tourists make a beeline for the beach mecca, which is the Gold Coast. If glitz, glamour, and high-powered beachside entertainment are your style, this stretch of coast south of Brisbane certainly offers plenty of that.

However, just north of the capital lies another coastal jewel with beaches equally as stunning but offering a more relaxed, laid-back vibe. The Sunshine Coast, are where beaches and entertainment tend to be less commercial and more rustic and family-oriented. They are perfect for peaceful family days out in that glorious Queensland sunshine.

7. First-rate Schools And World Class Education System

Brisbane has over 500 primary and secondary public, private, and religious schools, so you can be certain of an excellent education for your family. Alternatively, there is an International School, as well as International Baccalaureate programs available at several other schools.

Tertiary education is well catered for with technical institutes, community and specialist colleges, and award-winning universities. Training in everything from trade certifications right through to law, finance, business, medicine, IT, health, education, and engineering degrees is right on your doorstep in Brisbane.

8. Great Place To Raise A Family


Amongst the many great reasons to move to Brisbane and Queensland is the opportunity it provides to raise your family in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Crime rates are much lower than in most other cities around the world.

Your family can enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle all year round. The education and health systems are also excellent.

9. Excellent Private And Public Healthcare Systems

There are eight major public hospitals and four major private ones in the Greater Brisbane area, and many more throughout regional Queensland. One of the pros of Australia is that the healthcare is known for being the best in the world, and Queensland is also known for having great healthcare.

10. Fine Dining, Great Food, And Even Better Pubs

Brisbane’s reputation as a foodie destination is on the rise. Popular food in Australia includes Pavlova and chicken parmigiana. Whatever your culinary tastes, there will be somewhere to suit you. From popular market fare, and casual cafes complete with excellent coffee, lunch bars, and street eats to the best in fine dining – experience it all in Brisbane.

There is also a lively pub culture so some Brits will find themselves in very familiar territory! If you are a pub fan, you will quickly be able to make yourself comfortable in your local with a pint or two. Alternatively, you can head to a classy bar for a more upmarket experience!

11. All The Benefits Of A Modern Lifestyle

It may not cost you as much to live in Queensland as it would further south but this does not mean you’ll lack quality and comfort! Quite the opposite! Brisbanites in particular enjoy a quality lifestyle comparable to what you will find anywhere in the world. Make no mistake, this is a modern, cosmopolitan city with all the modern amenities you would expect of one.

12. The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area

 Daintree National Park

This uniquely diverse area of north Queensland, located between Townsville and Cooktown, is where you will find the Daintree Rainforest. This is the only surviving remnant of the ancient 150 million-year-old tropical rainforests of Gondwana that once covered Australia. It is also the oldest surviving tropical rainforest in the world.

Unfortunately, the Daintree’s exceptional heritage value was not recognised until the last century, by which time logging had already destroyed large tracts of it. Kuranda, a small tourist town set right in the middle of the Daintree, offers visitors the chance to experience some of the area’s unique ancient flora and fauna. If you get a chance to go there, do it! Just the experience of travelling to Kuranda makes it very worthwhile

13. Good Infrastructure And Public Transport

Both Queensland and Brisbane sprawl over very large areas so good transport networks is a necessity rather than a luxury. Fortunately, this is exactly what they have so you should not have any trouble getting around.

Public transport in Brisbane is affordable. The roads are well made and maintained, and most places in and around the city are close to an easily accessible public highway, railway system, or cycle network. The roads are also considerably less congested compared to other Australian capital cities.

Outside the city, country towns are well connected by road networks. Some also have rail and air services.

14. Many Housing And Location Choices

Brisbane and Queensland property

Brisbane’s numerous suburbs cover a wide variety of terrain. From coastal suburbs to hilltop views, inner-city sophistication or bucolic lifestyle blocks, you are sure to find exactly the right area to put down your Aussie roots.

Areas around Redland Bay are popular with migrants due to their proximity to beaches. Those with families may head to family-friendly areas like Holland Park, Morningside, and Forest Lake. If you are chasing a more rural or country option, you’re well covered there too.

Brisbane housing likewise comes in a wide variety of styles. If you are fortunate enough to seize a famous Queenslander tropical stilt house when you move to Brisbane, treasure it! This single-storey, high-set house with an iron roof is iconic to Queensland and the NT. It is also an evergreen favourite with homeowners.

15. Location, Location, Location

Brisbane is ideally situated for travellers and adventurers. Located about halfway along Australia’s east coast, the city is just a short flight away from Sydney and Melbourne. It is also centrally positioned for fabulous road trips.

Hop in your car and head off, in any direction, to see some of Australia’s many interesting and varied destinations. In fact, Queensland is Australia’s second-largest state. You can travel many kilometers through fascinatingly diverse landscapes without ever crossing a state border. Rainforests, lush farming countries, idyllic islands, and breathtaking mountain vistas – all just part of a normal road trip around Queensland!

Then there is the fact that Brisbane is smack bang in between the Sunshine and Gold Coasts with their magnificent beaches and multitude of entertainment options.

16. Enjoy A Richly Diverse Cultural And Arts Scene

risbane and Queensland Modern Lifestyle

Music fans – Brisbane has a very active live music industry. The Queensland Performing Arts Centre, for instance, hosts excellent events across many genres including orchestral, symphony, theatre and ballet. Most international touring acts do stop off in Brisbane so you will not miss much at all!

Art enthusiasts will love that Brisbane has Australia’s biggest modern art gallery, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Then there are museums, other art galleries, movie theatres, and many exhibitions to discover at your leisure.

In addition to these, you can enjoy annual festivals and shows such as the Royal Show or Ekka, the Brisbane International Film Festival, and the River Festival. Alternatively, pop in and check out the many other smaller cultural and entertainment events happening at the suburb and community levels.

17. Warm, Friendly, Diversely Multicultural Community

Like most Australians, Queenslanders are a friendly, multicultural bunch. They are generally easygoing, laid back, and tolerant of different customs and beliefs. Most Brits who move there find it easy to fit in and quickly make new friends.

If you wish to join the wonderful UK expat community, make sure to visit our essential guide for moving to Australia.

18. Plenty Of Rural And Country Town Options

Brisbane and Queensland Rural Town

As beautiful as Brisbane is, living in Queensland is not all about Brisbane. If you prefer a more rural destination, Queensland offers plenty of country options.

Indeed, many towns in central and northern Queensland are excellent places to live with many exciting options and choices. Notably, if you are involved in tourism and hospitality, endless opportunities await you in towns like Cairns and Townsville.

19. Good Retail Therapy Options

Retail therapy addicts beware – Brisbane shops await you! At one stage, this city had the largest undercover shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere. Today there are several of these mega-sized shopping complexes across the metropolitan area, catering for the shopaholic’s every whim. In between are many others of varying sizes and they all deliver an excellent shopping experience.

20. Unparalleled Opportunities To See Stunning Natural Habitats And Ecosystems

 Australia Zoo

It is generally agreed that Queensland is one of the best places in the world to experience tropical nature at its very best. It has a very diverse range of unique natural habitats and ecosystems, many of them ancient and now appropriately protected by sanctuaries, reserves, and national parks. Some of the more popular destinations, like Australia Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, are right on Brisbane’s doorstep.

21. Moving to Brisbane and Queensland is easy

Moving to Brisbane and Queensland is very exciting, and the good news is that moving your belongings from the UK is easy with PSS.

PSS provide various services to Australia, including international shipping to Australia or luggage shipping. So whether you are looking to ship a whole house content or a few boxes, PSS will assist you.

22. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

The Great Barriers Reef Marine Park

The Great Barrier Reef covers around 344,400 square kilometres, making it the fourth largest heritage-listed park in the world. It stretches for a colossal 2,300 kilometers along the Queensland coast and is one of the few geological features on earth that can be seen from outer space.

Although the current reef system is only 8,000 years old, the structure itself is around 500,000 years old.

23. Lower Cost Of Living Than Some Other Aussie States

lower cost of living

You will pay a lot less to live in Queensland than you would in its southern neighbours. Brisbane in particular is currently one of the most affordable Australian capital cities. If you are looking for great reasons to move to Brisbane and Queensland, put this one high on your list.

24. The Scenic Rim National Parks area

From the oldest tropical rainforests in the world to the largest plot of prehistoric subtropical rainforest – Queensland just keeps getting better. This massive area is just a short drive from Brisbane and incorporates six national parks plus a regional botanic garden. As the name suggests, the scenery from some of the trails and lookouts in this area is truly spectacular. Again, this is a must-do place to visit

25. Fantastic Fraser Island (Kgari)

This World Natural Heritage-listed island is around 250 km north of Brisbane and lies just off the coast in the Wide Bay area. It is completely made of sand, deposited there naturally over millions of years by wind and tidal currents. Some of the sand originated in Antarctica way back when the two continents were still one landmass, and when Antarctica was covered in volcanic ranges rather than ice.

Kgari earns its Heritage-listed status because; at around 122 km long and at least 750,000 years old, it is both the world’s largest and oldest, sand island. Some of its famous pristine sand dunes are believed to be around 400,000 years old, making them a unique treasure trove of information about the formation of these types of coastal dune systems.

Fun fact: the four biggest (and oldest) sand islands in the world are all in Queensland. The other three are North Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island, and Bribie Island. These islands are all popular tourist destinations in their own right, and well worth a visit.

Remarkably, Fraser Island is also covered in stands of rainforest that have somehow, uniquely, managed to establish themselves in the sand! Additionally, there are 100 plus fresh-water lakes, almost half of which contain pure rainwater. These again are unique to this island. Then there are the famous Fraser Island dingoes, believed to be one of the last remaining purebred populations of this ancient dog breed left.

Tourists are also very well catered for on the island should you fancy a visit!

26. The Riversleigh Fossil Fields

The Riversleigh World Heritage Site, in the Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park in northwest Queensland, has been described as one of the richest and most unique fossil deposits in the world. Many of the fossils found so far date back to Gondwana times, and represent species not yet seen anywhere else in the world.

What also sets Riversleigh apart from other similar fossil sites around the world is that everything has been perfectly preserved in limestone. As such, these fossilised remains provide an excellent record of Australia’s genetically unique mammalian evolution.

27. Beautiful Botanic Gardens And Regional Parks

Botanic Gardens

If wandering through prehistoric rainforests or climbing ancient mountain ranges is not your thing, do not worry. Brisbane has several spectacularly beautiful botanic gardens to explore closer to home.

The 17 hectares of the heritage-listed City Botanic Gardens are conveniently located in the middle of the city. With beautiful walking paths and peaceful nooks, it is perfect for spending a few hours with family and friends or exploring during your lunch break.

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens at iconic Mount Coot-Tha are much younger but certainly no less spectacular. This is one of the world’s best subtropical botanic gardens, and certainly one of Australia’s best. The park features a range of activities from fine dining to exhilarating walking trails, nature activities and of course the famous Mt Coot-Tha lookout.

Alternatively, you can head out of town to visit one of the many regional parks around Brisbane. Each offers up its own unique experiences like spectacular walking trails, scenic lookouts, fabulous water features, and unique flora and fauna.

28. Broncos And Bananas

The Broncos are of course the Brisbane Broncos, one of Queensland’s best-known professional rugby league teams. Then there are those delicious bananas, one of Queensland’s biggest fruit exports. The state produces so much of the yellow-skinned tropical delicacy that Queenslanders are often referred to as ‘banana benders’.

29. The 2032 Olympic Games

Brisbane will be hosting the 2032 Olympic Games! As you will be aware from the UK’s recent experiences with sporting events of this calibre, they present many opportunities. If you are looking for great reasons to move to Australia this one could make your list. There will be growing demand for trades and other professions needed to build infrastructure and operate essential services

30. More Australians choose to move to Queensland than any other state!

The latest census data published recently reveals that more Australians are moving to Queensland than any other state. That’s right – people are leaving big cities like Sydney and Melbourne in favour of Brisbane and its surrounding areas. With all the advantages of living in Brisbane and Queensland listed above it should be no surprise.

So if Aussies are choosing to relocate to the Sunshine State then maybe you should seriously consider it too!

Looking to move to Brisbane and Queensland from the UK?

To conclude, there are many great benefits to making the move to Brisbane and Queensland. It is a great place to raise a family, and you will have access to great beaches and great employment opportunities, especially if your job is in demand in the area.

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