By ヤマモトキョージ (Own work (投稿者撮影)) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

By ヤマモトキョージ (Own work (投稿者撮影)) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

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Your move to a new country will raise many questions, not just in relation to how you get there, but what you need to take with you, and what to buy when you arrive. Perhaps one of the biggest costs in relation to the ‘take with you or buy new’ question is your mode of transport. For most of us that means do you take your car or buy one in your new country?

Shipping a vehicle these days really isn’t as complicated or expensive as you might think; although there are many factors to consider.

For example, you may discover your steering wheel being positioned on the opposite side to what you are used to back home. Also, did you know that the cost of any car shipping quote can often depend on your specific make and model of car, which country you are shipping it to and via which service? The length of delivery can also largely depend on which country it is going to and the transit time can range from two to twelve weeks depending on the distance & Service type.

Many worry that they might have to pay taxes when importing their car but this all depends on the destination, how long you’ve been the owner and whether or not you are a first time immigrant or returning citizen.

Most countries either offer tax-free entry on cars for all first time immigrants and citizens, or free entry if you originally left your country of origin with no intention of returning. It’s also worth bearing in mind that some countries do charge taxes based on the purchase price of the value of the car and you should always research into whether or not your driving license might be recognised in your new country.

Always make a note of your car’s condition and ask the removal men the necessary questions should you discover scratches or dents upon arrival at your new destination. Be aware that most removal companies, including PSS International Removals will also ask you to provide keys to the many car locks you may have installed.

In terms of pre-shipping logistics, it is vital that you advise the DVLA that you will be exporting your vehicle and complete and return the relevant section on your V5 (log book) document to them. Always ensure that the exterior of your car is steam cleaned 24-48 hours before loading, with special attention being given to the wheels and wheel arches. It is also advisable to keep hold of the receipt and supply a copy to your removals company should they need it.

Some countries may even require your car to conform to its own transport policy before they will grant import approval, so in most cases this should be done prior to shipment. Common requirements of conformity would be road safety or environmental, however PSS International Removals will always advise you of any certificate or statement that you might need to complete or obtain.

When removal day arrives, your removals company should supply you with all of the necessary information and if we are not loading your car at your residence we will advise you where to take your car so that it is ready to be loaded onto the vessel.

When the shipping process begins costs and procedures greatly depends on where your car is being transported to, how much you are willing to spend and whether or not you intend to ship any of your household contents at the same time.

If you are only shipping your car then PSS International Removals offer the option to send it via our ‘Roll on Roll off’ service where your vehicle is driven onto a vessel and secured for the entire journey. Alternatively, PSS can arrange to have your car secured and containerized either at your residence or at one of UK depots.

If you are intending on consolidating your household effects and your car inside one container, PSS would load and secure your car and build a wooden frame and crate around it to ensure that it is fully protected and sectioned-off. PSS would then utilize the additional container space containing your household contents.

Upon arrival at your new destination, your car will either be unloaded at your door or handed out at our depot or in some circumstances at the port/container base. Some countries may then carry out a full inspection of the vehicle to ensure that it is road worthy and the safety features are in line with their own transport policy. It is not uncommon for some cars to even be steam cleaned again upon arrival.

At PSS, we believe it is essential that when you are shipping your car or vehicle you have peace of mind in knowing that professionals will handle it. PSS International Removals are fully bonded members of the British Association of Removers (BAR Overseas), IMMI (International Movers Mutual Insurance), FIDI (Global alliance) we have also been awarded with FAIM accreditation, which is the international removal industries quality standard.
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