Considering moving or travelling to Canada? Here are some of the greatest motivational quotes to inspire you to visit or move.

Whether you’re planning a visit to explore its breathtaking landscapes or considering a permanent move to embrace a new lifestyle, Canada has something to inspire everyone. It’s not just the stunning Rockies or the vibrant cities like Toronto and Vancouver that appeal to the masses; it’s the essence, the culture, and the warm community that truly defines this magnificent country.

We’ve compiled some of the best quotes about Canada  to fuel your imagination and maybe, just maybe, inspire you to take that next step. If you seek further inspiration about moving to Canada, check out our great reasons to move to Canada.

Check out these fun, exciting and thoughtful quotes from famous people about Canada.

1. “Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world” – Jack Layton (Politician)

Jack Layton Quote about Canada

2. I love Canada. It’s a wonderful political act of faith that exists atop a breathtakingly beautiful land” – Yann Martel (Canadian Author)

Yann Martel Quote aobut Canada

3. “Growing up in Canada, I used to love a walk in the earning morning, when the streets are quiet and the sun was shining”- Imran Amed (Canadian-Britsh fashion editor)

Imran Amed Quote about Canada

4. “I always tell people that if I move anywhere, it would be Toronto”- Kendrick Lemar (Rapper)

Kendrick Lemar quote about Canada

5. “Canada’s the best country in the world” – Ryan Gosling (Actor)

Ryan Gosling Quote about Canada

6. “Canada is one the most impressive countries in the world” – Barack Obama (Former president of the USA)

Barack Obama Quote about canada '

7. “I’m so proud to be Canadian. I’ve been to 58 countries, and they’re wonderful countries, but Canada is the best” – Paul Henderson (Former ice hockey player)

Paul Henderson quote about Canada

8. “When I’m in Canada, I feel this is what the world should be like” – Jane Fonda (Actress)

Jane Fonda Quote about Canada 1

9. “Your Canadian roots define you for all your life, no matter where you go, no matter what you do”- Alanis Morissette (Singer-songwriter)

Alanis Morissette quote about Canada

10. “I love being Canadian. I think growing up in Canada gives you a world perspective that I certainly enjoy”- Ryan Gosling (Actor)

Ryan Gosling quote about Canada

11. “In Canada, it’s beer, hockey, and then everything else”- Edge (Wrestler)

Edge Canada Quote #

12. “Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance”- Kim Campbell (Former Canadian politician)

Kim Campbell Quote about Canada

13. “Canada is a really big melting pot of culture, so we ended up with a giant mosaic of different music”- Alessia Cara (Singer-songwriter)

Alessia Cara quote about Canada

14. “I believe the world needs more Canada”- Bono (Singer-songwriter)

Bono quote about Canada

Did these quotes persuade you to move to Canada?

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