Are you looking for captivating experiences in South Africa? Our comprehensive list offers an abundance of exhilarating and exciting activities to explore.

South Africa is a diverse nation, proudly recognising 11 official languages and serving as a significant melting pot of cultures. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and a history that echoes resilience, the country stands out on the global stage.

Ernest Hemingway famously said, “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy”. It’s easy to see why, especially with the endless activities and experiences South Africa offers. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking to immerse yourself in diverse cultures, South Africa has it all.

If this sounds like your kind of place, here are 20 top things to do in South Africa. If you require a removal service to South Africa from the UK, make sure to visit PSS International Removals. With over 40 years of experience in the removal industry, PSS will ensure that your household belongings arrives in perfect condition. Now, let’s get started on our list.

1. Visit Boulders BeachVisit Boulders Beach

You may not think of South Africa when you envision penguins but you should, and Boulders Beach is where you can see an abundance of African Penguins.

Boulders Beach Penguins have not always been as abundant as they are now. The colony was started by just one pair of penguins in 1983. Conservationists worked to ensure the penguin population was able to thrive, growing to between 2,000 and 3,000 penguins currently.

To stabilise and sustain the population, conservationists have introduced breeding boxes to ensure eggs are laid in a safe, secure location and tourists are asked to remain on pathways for the safety of the birds, but visitors can still get really close to the animals.

2. Explore Table MountainTable Mountain South Africa

Hiking is an enjoyable activity no matter where you live, but while residing in South Africa, never neglect the opportunity to hike the majestic Table Mountain in Cape Town. This mountain, unlike other peak-style mountains, gets its name from its flat top.

Although hiking up certain parts of Table Mountain can be a little treacherous, there are plenty of avenues to make it safely to the top. Should you need a little additional help getting to the summit, the tram can take you straight to it.

3. Attend a BraaiAttend a Braai

Part of living in South Africa is immersing yourself in the culture by engaging with people. Once you have established a few relationships with locals, you might be invited to a traditional South African Braai. In essence, a Braai is a South African style barbeque, but it is so much more than that.

A South African Braai is an experience you should never turn down, so when you get an invite, do not hesitate to take it. There are also a few public Braai’s available if you want to experience one before you gain local friends.

Traditionally, a Braai begins with local wood or for a more modern take, charcoal, but never gas. Meat is placed on the grill and grilled to perfection. Once the meat is cooked, the host removes the coals or wood from the grill and places it in a central fire.

The family then utilises the fire as a centrepiece for the event as everyone enjoys food together. The Braai can last for many hours and the fire is only tended to by the host, so do not try to tend to the fire yourself. The saying goes, “You don’t mess around with another man’s fire.”

4. Visit Kruger National ParkKruger National Park

What would a trip to any African nation be without a world-class safari. You can enjoy hours of exploratory fun at Kruger National Park.

You can expect to see the Big Five while on safari, so look out for lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos. You won’t regret the chance to see these impressive animals all in one destination.

5. Discover the Garden RouteDiscover the Garden Route

When living in South Africa, explore the landscape with a comfortable drive, but we are not talking about a drive down the road. The Garden Route in an epic location full of some of the most versatile landscapes you can see in one, singular country.

From forests to beaches and a few desert landscapes thrown in, you can see it all in this 300km stretch of beautiful countryside. The Garden Route is full of epic scenery and charming towns along the way.

6. Go Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch

Love wine? You are going to love Stellenbosch. This amazing region is known for producing South Africa’s premier wine experience. Tour vineyards and sample world-class wines in the Cape Winelands.

Stellenbosch is not just about the experience of world-class wines but pairing those wines with fine cuisine. When visiting here, it is ok to indulge a little and live on the wine side!

7. Experience the Sardine Run

Have you ever seen a sardine run? It’s unlikely, but while in South Africa, you can experience the thrill of seeing millions of sardines run along the Wild Coast. The Sardine run is the journey of sardines on their natural reproductive cycle. The problem with experiencing it involves various natural factors.

Although the cycle can be predicted, at certain times, the sardines can avoid certain areas, so it is best to consult an environmental expert on when these little fish will make their journey. Bring your net if you are a sardine lover and scoop some up for yourself. You won’t be alone and there’s plenty to go around.

8. Stroll along the V&A WaterfrontStroll along the V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is a unique entity within South Africa. Although many destinations may have a form of waterfront activities, this one is the oldest port in the Southern Hemisphere. However, do not think you are going to an outdated sea port with merely fresh fish and boats. This harbour is teaming with life and enjoyment.

The V&A Waterfront is a source for entertainment including shopping, dining, and often live performers. Depending on the time of year, various events take place at the V&A Waterfront, so this will truly be a destination you visit time and time again.

9. Bungee Jump at Bloukrans BridgeBungee Jump at Bloukrans Bridge_1

Adrenaline junkies can find excitement anywhere, from jumping out of planes to ziplining through the jungle. Bungee Jumping is something on many people’s bucket list and while living in South Africa, the place to bungee jump is Bloukrans Bridge. Once you arrive at Bloukrans Bridge, you may realize you have seen it before. The bridge has been featured in many videos due to its size.

Bloukrans Bridge is the tallest bridge in South Africa and offers a swift 216 meter plunge for all who dare to bungee jump here.

10. Explore the Panorama RouteExplore the Panorama Route

Looking for the perfect road trip in South Africa? Look no further than the Panorama Route. This 300km road trip offers endless views of the coastline and destinations along the route such as Lion’s Sands Reserve, Blyde River Canyon, and Kruer National Park.

The N4 and the N12 will take you along the journey through some of South Africa’s most stunning landscapes. Bring a camera along your adventure and get ready to take the best pictures of jaw dropping views and nature at its finest. Driving through Mpumalanga, you will see various canyons and waterfalls, so enjoy the drive.

11. Safari in Addo Elephant National ParkSafari in Addo Elephant National Park

Want to see the Big 5 while living in South Africa? At Addo Elephant National Park, you can actually see the Big 7. Elephant National Park is the third largest national park and features lions, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhinoceros, but also includes sightings of the great white shark and the southern right whale.

Although there are more popular national parks throughout South Africa, Addo Elephant National Park is among the best for the chance to see these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. Best of all, the park is far less crowded than many of the other national parks, so you can relax and enjoy the experience of watching amazing animals without crowds of people vying for the best picture.

12. Explore Robben IslandRobben Island

The history of Robben Island is a somewhat rocky one. The location has become a symbol for how the human spirit can overcome adversity and injustice. In fact, the prison located on Robben Island is the very same prison that once held Nelson Mandela.

It is possible to do a complete walking tour all on your own but to gain the true experience and all the history of Robben Island, it is recommended that you engage in one of the many tours offered by experts on the island. Tours can take up to 3.5 hours and offer a ferry trip from the V&A Waterfront straight to the island.

13. Explore the Drakensberg Mountains

Explore the Drakensberg Mountains

Love to hike? You will love living in South Africa if you are an avid hiker. There are many, many different areas to take in the natural setting and get a little exercise, but if you really want an excellent hiking experience, Drakensberg Mountains is ideal.

This long mountain range is famous for its hiking and, unlike other hiking experiences that require you to be an expert, Drakensberg Mountain has something for everyone. Whether you are hiking with the family, looking for a stroll, or want to experience the full force of the mountain hiking experience, you can find the right trail for your needs.

While hiking, always follow the rules and remain safe. Never take on a hiking excursion if you are not ready for it and enjoy the nature around you.

14. Relax on Durban’s Golden MileRelax on Durban’s Golden Mile

There is nothing more relaxing than finding a nice spot on the beach and Durban’s Golden Mile is the answer to your beach excursion questions. This seemingly endless stretch of beach is where South African locals and tourists alike enjoy lounging in the sun.

Durban’s Golden Mile is certainly an experience. If you want to ensure you enjoy it in the right way, remember, that the southern portion of the coast is ideal for relaxing while the northern part of the shore is perfect for water activities such as surfing. No matter where you find yourself on Durban’s Golden Mile, you are sure to have a great time.

15. Tour the Apartheid MuseumApartheid Museum (1)

When living in South Africa, you will begin to understand the history, and how it has shaped the country. Once, Apartheid ruled relations between blacks and whites and the Apartheid Museum is a unique experience that highlights this unfortunate time in South Africa’s history.

While touring the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, you can view the Nelson Mandella Exhibit and learn more about Desmond Tutu. The Apartheid Museum may seem a little uncomfortable to some, but it is important to have knowledge of the history of South Africa, even the uncomfortable parts.

16. Hike the Otter TrailHike the Otter Trail

If you have a week to spare while living in South Africa, consider the Otter Trail. This 5-day hiking experience is located in Garden Route National Park and offers a full 42km of hiking through some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes. The hike begins at Storms River Mouth Rest Camp and concludes at Valley in the de Vasselot part of the park.

Due to the intense nature of this hike, the Otter Trail requires all participants to complete a medical questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to assess your physicality and ability to complete the 5 day hike. The questionnaire must be turned in at Storms River Mouth Rest Camp before you are allowed to begin, so make sure you are in great shape before attempting this excursion.

17. Go Whale Watching in HermanusGo Whale Watching in Hermanus

There are few places on the planet where whale watching excursions can happen, but in South Africa, the place to go Whale Watching is Hermanus. The unique thing about Hermanus is how easy it is to spot whales right off the coast without leaving the land. This is great for those who prefer to remain on land rather than a boating excursion, but if you want to get up close and personal with the whales, boating excursions are available as well.

Wales are most prevalent during mating season in June. This is the time when pregnant females travel to Hermanus to have their calves. The calves remain in the area until they are strong enough to make the journey to the Atlantic Ocean. Other animals you might see include dolphins and African penguins so make sure to bring a camera along and enjoy seeing these majestic creatures from either the shore or a boat.

18. Visit the Nelson Mandela Capture Site

Although the world knows Nelson Mandela was held in prison for 27 years, they may not know exactly where he was captured. The place is along R103 in a non-descript location. While trying to evade authorities, Mandela attempted to convince them he was merely a chauffeur. However, the plan did not work and Nelson Mandela was captured after being on the run for 17 months.

The capture site was once merely marked by a small plaque, but thanks to the purchase of farmland at the site, Nelson Mandela was giving the respect deserved and provided with an actual statue of the man. Many people venture to the Nelson Mandela Capture Site each year to pay homage to a great man who help alleviate the problematic racial laws of the day. Mandela returned to the spot on the 50th year anniversary of his capture to commemorate the day and the positive strides since.

19. Go Sandboarding in the Atlantis Dunes

Are you looking for something to get your heart racing? Many have enjoyed the chance to ride the waves across the globe with surfing or glided across fresh powder while snowboarding, but what about Sandboarding? Many of us may have not even heard of the sport, but it is a real thing and the Atlantis Dunes is the place to explore the world of sandboarding.

Sandboarding is exactly what it sounds like and South Africa is one of the few places in the world where sandboarding is possible. This adrenaline pumping sport allows you to effortlessly glide down sand dunes and truly enjoy the dunes for all they are worth. Atlantis Dunes is among the most popular for sandboarding enthusiasts and even if you have never tried, there is always someone around to teach you.

20. Visit the Kirstenbosch Botanical GardensVisit the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Looking for a place to relax and stroll through endless gardens? The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are for you. The lush garden experience is located at the base of Table Mountain and offers hours of enjoyment from hiking trails to seeing flora and fauna native to this great land. The gardens are kept in pristine condition, so there are a few rules you will want to keep in mind.

First of all, there are no pets allowed in the actual gardens. Dog walking trails are located on the outskirts of the gardens to ensure no rambunctious pups get lose and threaten the integrity of the beauty of this stunning place. Also, you will want to note there are no bins anywhere within the gardens. This is on purpose, so any trash you bring in with you must be carried out.

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As you’ve discovered, South Africa offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences just waiting to be explored. Whether you’re taking in the breath-taking views from Table Mountain, going on a wildlife safari in Kruger National Park, or enjoying the picturesque drives along the Garden Route, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained!

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