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Deciding to work in an overseas destination can be a great idea in practice but finding all the information and inspiration you need can be a tricky business. Where do you start? Where do you actually want to go? What’s the cheapest way to get there?

PSS International Removals is pleased to announce its new partnership with Working.Holiday a website created to help those wishing to work abroad, armed with all the latest information.

Working.Holiday hope to take the initial hesitancy out of your moving choices by offering visitors all the tools, tips, offers and incentives to help you get started with a working holiday. Working with leaders of the industry Working.Holiday can help with answers to just about any question that potential overseas employment will raise.

Typical issues covered by Working.Holiday include:

Destinations: If you are looking to work in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada, USA or Africa then the company can offer you detailed information on the country, visas, volunteer projects and travel offers.

Travel: Looking for the most up-to-date facts on visas, packages and tours and latest offers and best deals? Working.Holiday has it covered. Features on money and banking as well as travel and insurance are also included.

Working Abroad: You may know that you want to work abroad but be unsure of the options. Working.Holiday has a live Backpacker Job Board and access to a range of services, including, volunteer projects, internships, camps, flights and accommodation.

Helpful Tips: With a wide array of posts relating to everything from packing your bags to homesickness, you’re bound to find something relevant to your own situation. For example; look for key information on Minding Your Manners in Thailand and Safety Tips in India.

If you’re still hesitant about working abroad, Working.Holiday offers the following advice on why you should just do it.

–  A working holiday visa allows you to travel for longer. That means you can move around for up to a year, in comparison to a tourist visa, which only lasts three months.

–  You’ll get out of your comfort zone and find more confidence and inner strength.

–  Becoming culturally aware can only be a good thing.

–  With a working holiday visa you do not have to prove you have thousands of pounds in your bank account, however you will need to show you can support yourself during the journey.

–  Learning an abundance of new skills is possible whilst working abroad. Teach English, become a ski instructor or hone your skills as a barista. It’s all possible if you just take the first leap.

For more information on Working.Holiday please visit their website here.

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