Moving to Australia is a popular choice for Brits, with over 1.2 million already based Down Under. Planning a move to the other side of the world can be fraught with anxiety, with a great deal of concern placed on finances, banking and getting access to your money once you’ve arrived.

PSS International Removals is pleased to announce its new partnership with Westpac Bank. Westpac is Australia’s oldest bank, and the longest-serving foreign bank in the United Kingdom, with over 200 years helping customers in Australia and the UK.

With Westpac you can jump online and open an account in minutes, securely transfer your funds, and organise for cash withdrawals once you arrive in Oz.

Westpac make it easy because:

√ You can open an account online up to 12 months before you move

√ They waiver the account fee for the first 12 months

√ You can set yourself up for 24/7 telephone, mobile and internet banking before you

√ The ability to withdraw your money once you arrive for free at one of Westpac’s 3,000
ATMs in Australia

Additionally, Westpac are the only Australian bank that has a branch in London with a team of Premium Relationship Managers. So if you require a higher level of banking, you can make an appointment to come into branch and discuss your needs with one of their team.
So, get organised and open an account today, or ask us to connect you with a Westpac Premium banker in London to find out how they can support you with your move.

Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) is a limited company incorporated in Australia and registered in New South Wales, Australia under the Corporations Act 2001(Cth) of Australia with registered number ABN 33 007 457 141 (Westpac). Westpac’s head office is at 275 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. WBCs London office is acting in an introductory capacity only and does not provide any of the products and services referred to in this communication. For information purposes only WBC (a) has its principal place of business in the United Kingdom (UK) at Camomile Court, 23 Camomile Street, London EC3A 7LL, and is registered at Cardiff in the UK as Branch No. BR10, and (b) authorised and regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority in Australia. In the UK, it is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of our regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority are available from us on request. If applying for an account, it is provided by Westpac in Australia and as such is subject to the regulation of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and will be afforded the protections of Australian laws, which may differ from UK laws. In particular, the account will not benefit from the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme or rules for the protection of retail clients under the United Kingdom Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Full terms and conditions available on our website.