Prospects are good for UK migrants and expats thinking of moving to Australia on a skilled work visa according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics

There is no denying that Australia tempts many British and Irish people to emigrate because of its bright blue skies, warmer climate, endless golden beaches bathed in sunshine and the promise of a more laid-back lifestyle.

But it’s not just the Aussie lifestyle that attracts people from the UK to move down-under. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s (ABS) latest Personal Income of Migrants survey for 2016-17 (published 29th Nov 2019), British and Irish migrant wages compare very well when moving to Australia.

Skilled permanent migrants coming from Ireland earn around $82,865 (£43,200) per year and those from the United Kingdom earn around $70,367 (£37,000) which is not only well above the average wage as a whole $49,412 (£25,764), but also above the average earnings for the UK which is currently £30,420 ($58,145).

British and Irish migrants actually do better than any other nationality. The next highest is South Africans averaging $65,245. The median employee income of all skilled migrants was $59,304 with Koreans and Chinese only earning $40,305 and $45,154.

Also according to a previous 2014 study by the Immigration Department of arrivals between 2001 and 2011, English immigrants also have very low unemployment rates of about 2 per cent, compared to a 5.6 per cent rate nationally.

This is good news for British migrants considering the move. Australia generally has a higher cost of living, so migrants will want to be confident of earning a good salary, even though there are many other great reasons for moving Down Under.

Popular occupations for skilled migrant taxpayers

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In addition, the Department of Home Affairs’ report Continuous Survey of Australia’s Migrants found that the prospects for migrants get better over time which demonstrates that migrants careers are progressing and their work is being appreciated.

The Personal Income of Migrants survey found that skilled migrants to Australia were most commonly employed in the following broad occupation groups: 35% Professionals (19% males, 16% females). 13% Managers (8.4% of males, 4.7% females). 11% Technicians and Trades Workers (9.5% males, 1.9% females). 10% Clerical and Administrative Workers (3.2% males, 6.7% females).

So if you are planning to move to Australia then your chances of landing a job that matches with your existing skillset are pretty good!

You can find out more about the most in-demand jobs in our recent article: Australia’s Most Wanted: The Most In-Demand Jobs for Skilled Migration To Australia.

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