Australia and New Zealand Voted the Top Dream Destinations for British Migrants

The results of the inaugural PSS National UK Emigration Survey have been released with both Australia and New Zealand being voted the country that British people most want to move to.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, English speaking countries dominated the top 5 places, with Canada in 3rd place and Spain in 4th pushing the USA into 5th.

Many European countries make up the rest of the league table. In all, 14 countries who are members of the EU or European Economic Area (EEA) are in the top 25 which may pose challenges for British migrants following Brexit.

Liam Witham, Managing Director of PSS International Removals, said, “It was not a big surprise to see Australia and New Zealand at the top of the list but we were surprised to see a draw. We help thousands of families relocate and in recent years the relaxed, family friendly culture that’s found Down Under has really appealed. The lifestyle of these two countries is exactly what families are seeking in the 21st century.”

The Top 25 Countries British People
Most Want To Move To

The 2018 League Table






=1 australian flag small Australia 11.13%
=1 new zealander flag graphic New Zealand 11.13%
3 canadian flag small Canada 9.16%
4 spanish flag graphic Spain 8.90%
5 american flag small USA 8.64%
6 french flag small France 5.10%
7 italian flag small Italy 4.97%
8 cypriot flag graphic Cyprus 3.53%
9 portuguese flag graphic Portugal 2.88%
10 greek flag graphic Greece 2.75%
11 thai flag graphic Thailand 2.36%
12 irish flag graphic Ireland, Republic of 1.97%
13 german flag small Germany 1.96%
14 maltese flag graphic Malta 1.70%
15 turkish flag graphic Turkey 1.31%
16 icelander flag graphic Iceland 1.18%
17 indian flag small India 1.05%
18 dutch flag graphic Netherlands 1.05%
19 swiss flag graphic Switzerland 0.93%
20 swedish flag graphic Sweden 0.92%
21 norwegian flag graphic Norway 0.91%
22 singaporean flag graphic Singapore 0.80%
23 bandera canarias Canary Islands 0.79%
24 chinese flag small China / Hong Kong 0.72%
25 south african flag graphic South Africa 0.65%

Survey Methodology

The survey was carried out through social media to people living in the UK aged over 18 during January & February 2018. They were asked “If you could choose, which country in the world would you move to?”. Over 1000 responses were recorded to compile the top 25.

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