Why do so many people choose to live in Florida? We take a look at the many advantages and benefits of moving to the Sunshine State.

Considering a move to Florida? This Sunshine State has much to offer, and we’ve compiled 28 compelling reasons why it’s worth your consideration.

Famous for its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and the location of Disneyland, Florida stands out as an attractive and glamorous place to live. It’s especially appealing to those seeking a relaxing yet lively environment.

If you’re considering a move to Florida, this post aims to strengthen your decision. Known for its dynamic and lively atmosphere, Florida stands out as one of the USA’s most captivating states. Let’s delve into some of the compelling reasons that make it a great choice.

1: Summer all year round

Summer Florida

Well almost! There’s no doubt about it, the climate in Florida is a big draw for most people. Most of Florida benefits from a subtropical or tropical climate which means it’s warm and humid for much of the year.

The rainy season from May through to October is dramatic and ensures that Florida’s lush flora continues to add a dramatic and beautiful touch to the landscape. Tropical plants and flowers thrive here and the parks and gardens simply glow with colour for much of the year.

For anyone thinking about moving to Florida from the UK, the weather alone is a big draw!

Whilst there is a risk of hurricanes, on average only one or two hurricanes make landfall on the eastern coast of America every year, and of those, only 40 per cent hit Florida. A small price to pay for near perfect weather the majority of the time!

2: The outrageously beautiful beaches

Florida sunset

Beaches are of course one of Florida’s main attractions and there are no fewer than 663 miles of beaches there. Notable beaches include Clearwater, Delray and of course, Palm Beach. Siesta Key has won awards for having the softest and whitest sand in the world. Your new home in Florida could be right by one of these iconic beaches.

Florida coasts offer everything you can imagine and more. No matter whether you’re looking for sandcastles or water sports, dolphins or beautiful seashells, surfing or Miami chic, you’ll find it somewhere on Florida’s 1200 miles of pristine coastline.

3: Florida has more affordable property than many other states

spacious family house in Florida

This is a big draw for many people looking to move permanently to Florida. If you’re thinking about moving to Florida, you are going to be especially impressed with what your money can buy here.

Lots of land and a low cost of living contribute to this. What’s more, Florida properties are so spacious, with plenty of room for entertaining and an end to arguments over who is going to sleep in the box room!

There’s a wealth of beautiful properties to choose from and many are within a stone’s throw from the beach. The buying process is also relatively easy with family real estate agents such as Homes of America who very experienced in guiding British expat families through the buying process.

4: Florida doesn’t collect an individual Income Tax

why move to Florida

Yes really! It’s one of 9 states that do not collect individual income tax and its part of the Florida Constitution so highly unlikely that this benefit will change in the foreseeable future. Can you imagine not having to pay individual income tax? That’s a huge draw for anyone moving to Florida from the UK!

5: Walt Disney Resort and special offers for residents

Disney World Orlando

Walt Disney Resort is Florida’s most famous attraction and remains a huge draw for tourists from across the globe. Set amid miles of stunning, manicured grounds it truly is a magical place…imagine having that on your doorstep!

There’s even a brand-new, special discount ticket on offer. The three-day Discover Disney ticket – a benefit only available for Florida residents! Maybe it’s time to buy property in Florida right now!

6: Flights back to the UK are regular and affordable

flights from Miami to UK

It’s not like the old days when flying from the UK to Florida was a huge undertaking. The flight’s just 9 hours long so you could leave the UK in the afternoon and be in Florida in time for dinner and drinks!

Prices keep going down too as more airlines compete for the busiest times of the year. Perfect if you’re buying a Florida vacation home and if you’re a UK resident settling permanently, this will be an important incentive for your visiting relatives.

7: Florida is incredibly friendly

friendly Americans

It really is. Americans are casual and open, but Florida has an extra helping of that American charm. There is no doubt you’ll be made to feel welcome and all that positivity will rub off on you.

This is possibly due to the beautiful climate…who doesn’t feel happy when the sun is shining?

8: Your own swimming pool could be a reality

children playing in pool Florida

If your dream is to have your own private pool, that is actually big and warm enough to use, then Florida is certainly the place for you!

Well over a million of Florida’s homes currently feature private swimming pools. They’re practically mandatory! Moving to Florida from the UK could mean you lounging around poolside a lot more than you currently do! What could be better? Hot sun, cold drink and a relaxing morning dip in your pool?

9: You get to live all year round in one of the World’s top holiday destinations

relaxing on Panama City Beach

Florida has long been one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Every year thousands of ‘snowbirds’ escape the winter in North America and Europe and migrate to Florida.

Being the world’s number one dream holiday destination means that Florida has a relaxed and vibrant environment. By moving to Florida you make everyone else’s dream your everyday reality!

10: The perfect place to retire

retired couple in Florida

All the reasons listed here make Florida the perfect place to retire. With the perfect weather, great healthcare and many financial advantages such as no state estate (death) tax you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to enjoy your latter years.

What’s more you’ll also never be lonely as friends and grandchildren will always want to visit – another great advantage of moving to Florida!

11: Some of the best educational facilities in the USA

Florida University education building

Florida Tech has again been named as one of the best universities nationally and the state has a fantastic choice of high schools too. Education is important to most people and moving to Florida with children makes this an even more important factor.

12: The Everglades – a truly unique place on earth

Everglades alligator

There’s literally nowhere like the Florida Everglades; the tropical wetlands are heavily protected by the State and as a result, the completely unique ecosystem there has been preserved in all it’s glory. There’s literally nowhere like it anywhere. Live in Florida and visiting places like this can be ticked off your bucket list with ease!

13: Moving to Florida is easy

container ship port of Miami

As Florida is such a popular destination for British expats and migrants, there is a whole industry set up to make the transition as easy as possible. So no matter whether it’s buying property, finding a job or shipping your belongings to Florida, there are experienced UK friendly companies ready to give you a helping hand.

14: Water, water and more water

Florida water sports

Water sports and activities feature heavily on the agenda of most Florida residents when they’re not working. Boating, fishing, swimming, surfing and scuba diving are just a few of the commonplace hobbies Florida residents enjoy in their downtime.

15: Florida’s seafood is out of this world

The climate coupled with its proximity to the ocean makes Florida one of the tastiest states in the USA. Well-known for its fabulous seafood restaurants, there’s also the fruit to consider! Florida oranges and limes make incredible drinks and desserts but there’s more to the place than Key Lime Pie! Florida is quite a melting pot of culture and so there are an amazing mixture of foods on offer here with restaurants specialising in foods from many different countries.


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16: The cultural smorgasbord that is Tampa

Tampa Bay

Tampa, well known for its museums and arts is also home to Busch Gardens, an amazing African-themed amusement park. The historic Ybor City area which has its history deeply rooted in Florida’s Spanish and Cuban community is a big draw. With amazing dining and nightlife on offer, Tampa is attractive to most expats moving to Florida but especially those who enjoy a broad range of cultural experiences.

17: Orlando – it’s more than theme parks

Orlando city centre

Who wouldn’t want to move to what’s considered to be the capital of fun? Orlando is located in beautiful Orange County Central Florida and its nickname is “The Beautiful City”. It more than lives up to its name with incredible scenery and architecture in addition to some incredible hiking trails. It’s a truly magical place and anyone looking to move to Florida should seriously consider Orlando.

18: Miami – Florida’s wonderland

Miami Beach Florida

Miami is famous for so many things that it’s hard to pin it down. Culture, media, entertainment and the arts all feature high on Miami’s list of strong points. It’s the sixth most densely populated major city in the USA and amazingly, property is actually affordable here. Beaches, glamour, nightlife and theatre, music, entertainment and food…Miami really does have it all. The booming tech business is another draw for expats.

19: The Theme and Amusement Park Capital of the World

Universal Studios roller coaster

It may have started with Disneyland, now Florida is home to every kind of theme park and entertainment experience you can imagine. They the popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Aquatica – for those who love to make a splash, St. Augustine Ghost Tours, The Kennedy Space Center, Legoland, SeaWorld, Fun Spot America and far too many more to mention.

If you are more culturally inclined you’re not left out as alternative attractions include the Dali Museum, the Morikami Museum with Japanese Gardens, the Holy Land Experience and Wynwood Walls –America’s hippest graffiti neighbourhood.

20: Mallory Square’s fabulous entertainment

sunset Mallory Square Key West

Key West’s Mallory Square is a haven for creative entertainment and also a famous spot for watching the incredible Key West sunset. The history of Mallory Square is just as fascinating as the madcap selection of entertainment on offer here. The square has seen everything from pirates to wreckers and gypsies to hippies. It was in the 1960s that people began to gravitate to the area and so the food stands, street entertainers and stalls sprang up to cater for the growing crowd of visitors. It’s a must-see if you’re in Key West.

21: More golf courses than anywhere else in the world

playing golf in Florida

Golfing is a serious business in Florida…but only if you’re serious about it. There are so many courses in Florida that there’s something for all-comers. Newbies and pros alike flock here for the year-round golfing experiences on offer. If you’re a keen golfer thinking about moving to Florida from the UK, you could soon be spending all your spare time out on the golf course!

22: Pro-sports to beat any other state

baseball in Florida

Florida loves sport and is home to no fewer than three NFL teams, two NBA teams and two MLB teams. Sport is everywhere here so if you enjoy watching or playing, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re looking to move to Florida or to buy a holiday home in Florida, you can’t avoid sports!

23: Florida’s economy is booming – big time

move to Jacksonville

Florida’s economy is so healthy that if it were its own nation, it would have the 17th largest economy in the world! That’s a seriously thriving state and if you’re looking at buying property in Florida then you’re getting in just on boom-time!

Florida’s industries include a strong mix of tourism, agriculture, finance, aerospace, international trade and life sciences providing economic stability and a wealth of career opportunities – a big advantage if you’re looking to live and work in the sunshine.

24: The expat community in Florida is flourishing

making friends in Florida

There’s a huge and friendly expat community in Florida…so whilst you might be settling down in the USA as a complete newcomer, you’ll soon feel at home! Many expats hold regular supportive meetings to help new arrivals settle in and make friends.

There are also plenty of online communities aimed at UK residents hoping to settle in Florida for good. You won’t feel out of place with the friendly faces of fellow Brits around you for long.

You also get all the advantages of living in Florida with the benefits of British pubs, British stores and fish n’ chips too!

25: Relatives will find it super-easy to visit

family on beach in Florida

When people move abroad, friends and family often promise to visit, but never quite make it. You won’t have that problem if you move to Florida!

There’s no issue finding affordable flights to Florida from the UK. The flight isn’t too long either; 9 hours is just enough to enjoy a movie and a meal and before you know it, your nearest and dearest will be basking in the hot Florida sunshine by your side. You’ll have no shortage of visitors either! Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of an invitation to your new, sunny home?

26: Iconic ice cream parlours

traditional American ice cream parlour

Most of Florida’s beach towns boast classic-style ice cream parlours. Some of them are fabulously retro and have changed little for 60 years or more. Indulging in some of the greatest ice cream in the USA is a must on those hot, sultry Florida evenings!

27: Florida’s varying landscapes and cultures make it easy to take a weekend vacation without ever leaving

Florida landscape

Florida is big. It’s so big that a four-hour drive will get you from Disney World in Orlando to the shores of Miami Beach, and that’s only traversing a small part of the state. Florida’s rich and diverse culture presents a unique opportunity to only drive a few hours and feel like you’re in a whole different place. And that’s a wonderful thing.

28: Very multicultural

Florida palm trees

Unlike many of the southern states, Florida has a reputation for being very multi-cultural. Florida has always attracted many migrants from across the world and many retirees and other internal American migrants being attracted by the lifestyle and climate.

According to the latest U.S. census, more than one of four Floridians speak a language other than English, with Spanish the most common.

Around Florida you’ll discover the cultural influences of Hispanic, African American, Native Americans, Haitians, French, German, Italian, Jewish, Vietnamese, Japanese and of course the odd British expat!

These all bring with them a rich tapestry of art, music, food and unique cultural experiences such as Vietnamese bahn-mi sandwiches, Yiddish ballards, and the Morikami Japanese Gardens.

Are you planning your move to Florida?


Miami Florida

So there we have it – Florida has a lot more to offer than sun, sea and sand. From amazing culture and climate to the economy, architecture and property it’s a seriously attractive proposition for anyone who fancies living in a vibrant, forward-thinking state.

The attractive stance on income tax, the great education and the affordable housing all cement Florida as one of the go-to places for anyone with ambition and drive. There’s something for everyone here!

If you need help moving to Florida you can get a USA removals quote from PSS or if you’re just shipping boxes you can use our online USA shipping cost calculator.

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