You’ve made the big move, heading off to a new country to start a new successful life somewhere else in the world. So what can you expect once you’ve arrived in your new home?

1. Here PSS International Removals highlight the pros and cons of relocating.

You’ll spend your first few months filing paperwork

Moving within your own country is stressful enough, but relocating to a new country takes you to a whole new level of chaos.  New job, new home, new school, new doctor, new gas provider…. organisation won’t get tougher than this. Remember you can’t do everything at once so make a list, and slowly work your way through it. There is plenty of information out there to find everything from a new college or qualified dentist so do your research – and ask around.

2. Your friends back home won’t forget you

After having a busy social life back home you might find yourself with a pretty non-existent one once you arrive on foreign soil. Thanks to technology connecting to your old life will be easy and cheap. Plan Skype, What’sApp and Facebook connections and put calls in the diary. Keeping up with what’s going on back home, will cheer you up and give you a routine, if you’re struggling to find one.

3. The opportunity to travel will increase ten fold

Your initial thoughts may be with your new hometown but once you’ve found your feet, your new side of the world will become a land of opportunity. Flights across the likes of America, Australia and Canada will be far cheaper living inside the country, than outside. So you could be residing in Chicago but having a Manhattan in Manhattan in the space of two hours. You wouldn’t of been able to do this back home.

4. Sometimes you’ll wonder why you moved in the first place

Loneliness and isolation can be huge issues when you move abroad, no matter how much you wanted to do it. The key to moving on from these feelings is to force yourself out and about. Accept an invite to a colleague’s barbecue. Join the local netball team or sign up for a mother and baby group. You have not considered these activities at home, but international moving requires you to get busy.

5. It’s best to embrace the quirks

No two countries are the same. They’ll be plenty of new experiences you’ll want to embrace, and others that might present a culture shock. Working life may be shorter – or longer, queuing for a bus could become an alien concept and certain foods may be a challenge. At times like this you’ll need to remember that you moved to explore a new way of life. Going with the cultural flow may be easier than battling against it.

6. Learning the language may become a career necessity

While English may be spoken in many parts of the globe, expats looking to further their careers in a new country, will probably need to learn the native language. In some countries, such as Denmark, you’ll be entitled to free Danish lessons once you’ve met certain criteria, but in others it may be up to you. If you want to progress within your workplace, learn the language.

7. You’re never more than 24 hours from your hometown

Missing family and friends is only natural after a big move, but remember in reality no-one is ever that far away. The longest journeys might only take 24 hours of travel, so getting home, or getting someone to you could be realistic options. SkyScanner offer a variety of the cheapest flights around.

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