Will you be happier on the East or West Coast? Here we will explore different factors such as job opportunities and lifestyle to help you decide which region is best for you.

If you could live anywhere in the USA, where would that be? Many who ponder that question look towards the East or West Coast as both these regions provide an outstanding lifestyle, full of opportunities.

Many years ago, before the globalization of many industries, the place you lived was directly related to your chosen job and what was available in the local job market. Today, many job opportunities allow everyday people to work from anywhere in the world making it easier for individuals and entire families to truly question where they want to reside.

Although there are an endless number of places to live on the East or West Coast, it is important to consider all your options to make sure you are making the right choice for yourself and your family. At PSS, we have spoken to countless individuals and families who have moved to the East and West Coast to gather their thoughts on the move. If you require assistance with moving your household belongings to the USA, make sure to contact PSS Removals who have years of experience in the international removals industry.

Now, let’s get started on where you should live in the USA – The East Coast or West Coast.

1. Which is warmer – East or West Coast?Which is warmer - East or West Coast

We are all different. We all have our level of comfort. Some people are considered cold-natured while others are said to be warm-bodied and many of us are somewhere between. It is important for your own comfort goals that you look carefully at the climate where you intend to live to ensure it aligns with your expectations.

When moving to the East Coast, you will hear a lot about how humid it can be in the summer. This is not just a rumour. As you travel farther south, the weather will be even hotter. Miami, Tampa and Orlando in Florida, for instance, will naturally have the hottest weather in the East Coast. Temperatures can range from 31°C to 33°C in the summer. If you love warm weather, Florida will be your best option.

Whereas, New York City located in the north, will be moderately colder with hot summers and snowy, wet winters. The weather in the summer is very nice though, and you can experience up to 29°C.

As for the West Coast, if you are looking for the city with the best weather look towards Los Angeles, located in the south. You will experience pleasant, sunny weather throughout the year. The city is classified as borderline Mediterranean and semi-arid.

Towards the Northern West Coast, Seattle will be a lot colder, and it does rain a lot. The weather in the summer will be very good, but you will need to get used to colder weather throughout the year.

2. Which provides the better job opportunities – East or West Coast?Which provides the better job opportunities - East or West Coast

East Coast job opportunities are vast and varied. The primary job markets consist of finance, healthcare, and tech. Some of the larger cities such as Atlanta, Boston, and New York are always on the lookout for new talent in these areas and job markets have remained strong throughout the few decades. Development of new technologies has emphasised the need for qualified individuals in all three of these industries and as the world moves into the future, these are that areas that are set to remain strong.

West Coast jobs are naturally developed around Silicon Valley, so if the tech industry calls your name, by all means, head out West. Portland and Seattle are some of the  hottest spots for tech savvy individuals as start-ups are becoming more and more prevalent in these areas.

If the entertainment industry is where your heart is, there is no place like the West Coast. Specifically, Los Angeles is the best place to find stardom whether you are looking to break into the music business, theatre, or have your eyes set on the big screen.

3.  Is there more fun outdoor activities in the East or West Coast?Is there more fun outdoor activities in the East or West Coast

No matter where you live, you do not want to be stuck inside all the time. Getting outside into the sunshine is essential and although activities such as biking, hiking, and seeing the local sites can be done on both coasts, some activities are specific to East and West Coast living.

The East Coast of the United States is known for being the historic starting point of the country itself. Throughout the East Coast, you can find historic sites specific to the area, so taking historic site tours is a very popular activity for residents and visitors alike. There are so many historic sites, that it is easy to make a complete driving tour to see all in your area and if you go during the fall of the year, you get the chance to do a little Autumn leaf-peeping.

Looking at leaves might not seem that important to some, but the spectacle that is on display and the array of colours during the autumn months throughout the East Coast is simply divine. Many make the journey to see this array of reds, yellows, browns, and oranges, but when you live there, you get to enjoy the entire season. This part of the country also has some of the most picturesque coastal driving experiences you can have, so while on the East Coast, never neglect to jump in the car and see it all.

Where the East Coast maintains a lot of the original history of the United States, the West Coast offers some of the best national parks available. A welcomed activity in this region is to explore them all with healthy hikes through all the illustrious state parks. The West Coast maintains a highly active outdoor fitness culture and this can be seen throughout the region.

When traveling around the West Coast you can see plenty of people working out outdoors in parks and beaches everywhere. From outdoor yoga sessions to runners, every form of outdoor fitness activity is on display. The fitness culture is truly alive and well on the West Coast and nowhere are these activities more prevalent than with the many beach activities available throughout the coastline.

California in particular is known for their surfing culture. There was even a legal dispute between the two California coastal cities of Huntington Beach and Santa Cruz, both who claimed to be ‘Surf City’ based on their surfing cultures. Surfing is so popular in California that is named as their official sport and September 20th is known as California Surfing Day. If you are a fitness buff or just looking to become one, the West Coast has the perfect motivating support system you have been looking for.

4. How does the history compare between the East and West Coast?How does the history compare between the East and West Coast

History happens every day, but each place you live in has its level of historical events. Some of these events or locations may be world-renowned, while others may only be known to those living in the area. However, history is important and teaches us where we once were while giving us insight into the future.

When moving to the East Coast, you will come to know the true historical emphasis each area has had on the making of the entire country. From 1492 when Columbus first landed in the Bahamas and began making his way up the East Coast to the first settlements made in the area, historic relevance can be seen virtually everywhere.

Boston is one of the more famous historic cities and is well known for the Boston Tea Party, but there is far more to this city than just one event. Boston has always been an important port city and throughout the city today you can see markers of the past. Boston is home to Paul Revere’s House, Boston Commons, The Freedom Trail, and so many more historic opportunities to explore and learn.

Philadelphia is another city that has just as much historical significance as Boston and was instrumental in shaping the United States into what it is today. While living here, you can explore Independence Hall, the location where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and visit the Liberty Bell without leaving the city. Although these are some of the more famous sites, Philadelphia is full of history at every turn.

Should you choose to move to the West Coast of the United States, you will notice just as much history, although the history here, took place much later. This region of the country is most known for the Gold Rush and events surrounding this important time in America’s historic growth. The Gold Rush was what brought so many to the West Coast and is still marked as one of the most influential times in the history of populating the West.

The West Coast is also famous for all things Hollywood. The Hollywood revolution began in the early part of the 20th century with the invention of the silent film. Although stage performances has been a part of the West Coast for generations, the 20th century was when the popularity of acting and television really made its impact. You can explore all aspects of both old Hollywood and new while strolling the Hollywood Walk of Fame and strolling through a myriad of museums dedicated to Hollywood film history.

Although the West Coast may seem like a very relaxed and chill environment, a lot of business goes on here. Silicon Valley is among the most technologically influential locations anywhere in the world. It was where Apple, Oracle, Atari, and so many others got their start and many big name industries remain in this coveted location. Without Silicon Valley, both the cultural and economical foundations of America would not exist.

5. Shipping your belongings to the East Coast or West CoastPort of Miami (1)

One of the benefits of relocating to the USA is that it is easy to ship your household belongings from the UK. The East Coast will be a lot easier to ship to as items can be shipped to the Port of New York and Miami before being transported to your new home.

The West Coast, however, will take longer, and cost more as ships need to go via the Panama canal. Alternatively, your shipping company could transport your container by rail once they arrive in the USA, however, the process will be longer compared to shipping to the East Coast.

If you are looking to ship your personal belongings to the East Coast or the West Coast, PSS Removals have over 40 years experience in the industry, and will be able to help you. We also have a comprehensive network and can help you move anywhere in the USA including Texas and Chicago and Illinois.

6. East Coast Beaches vs West Coast BeachesEast Coast Beaches vs West Coast Beaches

Whether you are looking to purchase a home overlooking the ocean or searching farther inland, no matter which coast you end up on, the beach will call your name. When that happens, there is no choice but to heed the call and head straight to the water. However, not all coastlines are equal and the East and West Coasts could not be more different than one another.

Along the East Coast shoreline, you will find a wide variety of different shore types. Stretching out across 14 different states, from Maine and its rocky coast all the way down to the white, sandy beaches of Florida, it is easy to find a place to call home where you truly enjoy living along the coast.

Among the most famous spots on the East Coast is Myrtle Beach. This thrilling city is the beach hot spot in South Carolina and attracts throws of beach goers each year. There is always something to do at Myrtle Beach, so if you are an active, social individual, you will fit right in.

For those looking for a slower paced environment, Cape Cod, Massachusetts is ideal. This place has been a hot spot for families vacationing during the summer and even a place where you can see a celebrity or two. Located on a peninsula, Cape Cod offers some of the best views of the East Coast.

Venture over to the West Coast and the beaches take on a whole new lifestyle. Beach culture in areas such as Malibu and Venice Beach is famously depicted in various movies and television shows. The beauty of this depiction is that it is largely true. There is always something going on and something fun to do at both of these famous West Coast Beaches. Surfing, hiking along the coast, and beach volleyball are just a few of the myriad of activities you can find here.

Travel farther north to the Orgon Coast and you will find things a bit different. Commercialism has not yet made it to this part of the West Coast and for those who prefer a quieter experience, it is perfect. Here you will not find endless miles of white sand, but rather dramatic, jaw dropping coastal views. Steep cliffs and rocky shores are caressed by the stunning beauty of the Pacific Ocean making this area one you can feel yourself slipping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

7. How does the food vary from the East Coast to West Coast?

East Coast food varies depending on where you find yourself living. Farther north in areas such as New England and New York, food becomes more sophisticated. New York City, for instance, is an internationally known city with cultural influences from around the globe. You can find any type of cuisine from any country imaginable hear. The New England states focus their attention more on the freshest lobster and clams you can get.

Travel to the southern portion of the East Coast and you will be presented with cuisine that features soul food. These are dishes that are derived from ingredients that are seemingly simple in their culinary journey, but are in fact, so full of flavor you won’t be able to get enough. The food in the southern region is heavier and designed to fill you up and keep you coming back for more.

Moving from the East to West Coast you will find the food changes dramatically. Where the East Coast is about filing you up, the West Coast is more focused on filling your body properly with organically sourced ingredients and innovative dishes. This is where the farm to table movement began and remains strong and fusion cuisine is a unique part of the very fabric of the culinary world. Culinary hot spots such as Los Angeles, Portland, and San Fransisco are among the most popular destinations for foodies and world renowned chefs alike.

8. What is the proximity to UK / Europe from East Coast and West Coast?Travel from the USA

When moving to the United States, most flights take you directly to the East Coast. It will take you around 8 hour flight time to New York and Washington. Florida will be slightly longer at 9 hours and 30 minutes.

To get from London to San Francisco in the West Coast, it will take you around 11 hours 15 minutes. It is very easy to get a flight to the East Coast or West Coast from the UK, however, as you would expect, it will take a while to arrive as there is a distance of 4,242 miles from the UK to the USA.

9. Is it cheaper to live in the East Coast or West Coast? Is it cheaper to live in the East Coast or West Coast

Is it more expensive to live on the East or West Coast? Cost of living is a huge concern no matter where you move and the highest cost of living on both coasts is New York City on the East and San Francisco on the West.

Purchasing or leasing a home in one of these cities is remarkably expensive. For instance, San Francisco median rent price is $3,145 (£2513) per month. If you want to lower the costs, try moving outside the city. There are many good options such as San Leandro, Alameda, and Pacifica. To illustrate how much you can save each month by moving to smaller cities, San Leandro median rent price is $2,400 per month, and it is only a 25 minute drive from San Francisco.

If you are looking to move to New York City, you will be looking at around $4,350 (£3,476) per month, which is much higher than San Francisco. However, there will also be cheaper options if you look in the outer regions. Try looking at Hoboken, Elizabeth and New Rochelle. Elizabeth, for instance, will only cost you $2,195 (£1754) per month, and it is only a short 30 minute drive to get to New York City.

It’s worth looking at our previous post about ‘Cost of Living – USA vs UK’ for more information about whether you should make the move.

10. Is education better in the East Coast or West Coast?Is education better in the East Coast or West Coast

Education is the foundation of life and although you might think that the West Coast has the best universities that is not the case. It is the East Coast that maintains the most Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, and Columbia.

Although the East Coast may be the Ivy League capital of the country, the West Coast has some impressive universities as well. Sanford University is certainly at the top of the list, but Pomona College, California Institute of Technology, and Claremont McKenna College are ranked very high as well.

Elementary schools (or primary schools) are both very good in the East and West Coast, but make sure to fully research your chosen school to make sure it is the right fit for your children.

11. How does the cultural vibes vary from the East Coast and West Coast?How does the cultural vibes vary from the East Coast and West Coast

There is no denying the cultural divide that can be felt form one coast to the other in the USA. When on the East Coast, you will clearly see an emphasis on tradition and the historical significance of holding on to those traditions. However, it is not all based in the past. Modern lifestyle has allowed new traditions and ways of thinking to take hold, so the East Coast is now a beautiful mix of what was with what is today.

Generally the East Coast maintains a slower pace in some of the rural areas, but if the fast paced lifestyle is what you seek, by all means, come to New York, Boston, Pennsylvania, or any other large city along this stunning coast line.

On the other side of the American Coastal Coin, the West Coast is motivated by health and wellness with an emphasis on getting out and enjoying life. Hiking, biking, and enjoying the innovative nature of the human spirit is what its all about here. Embracing the differences and empowering the masses through good vibes is what the West Coast is all about.

12. The night scene – is it better East or West Coast?The night scene - is it better East or West Coast

Looking to live it up when the sun goes down? You will find no shortage of enjoyment on both coasts. Live entertainment is a staple in practically any nightclub on both coasts and it is easy to find the genre of music you seek.

Party hot spots on the East Coast consist of Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, and Atlantic City. New York City is known as the city that never sleeps for good reason. Many clubs are open until 6 am, and many bars close later than 2 am.

The party culture in the West Coast is slightly different to the East Coast. In Los Angeles, the city does sleep, and most clubs and bars do close at 2am. However, this doesn’t mean the parties are not as good as the East Coast. You will find world class DJs in the West Coast, and may even spot celebrities whilst you are partying away!

Are you looking to move anywhere in the USA?

To conclude, there are many benefits of moving to the East Coast or the West Coast. The East Coast does get very hot in the summer, which is perfect if you are looking to lounge in the beach. However, you will also experience 4 district seasons, with hot weather in the summer and milder weather in the spring and fall. As for the West Coast, the weather is generally milder compared to the East Coast, which is perfect if you do not want the weather to be too hot.

In terms of job opportunities, the roles itself are varied. The West Coast is known for Silicon Valley, so if you are in the tech industry, this is the place to be. Portland and Seattle, in particular, are known as one of the best spots for tech savvy individuals. The East Coast is known for finance, healthcare as well as tech. New York, Boston and Atlanta in particular are always in the lookout for talents in these job markets.

Overall, in terms of choosing where to move, you will have a lot to think about. Do you want a more laid-back atmosphere or prefer to be right in the middle of it all? Would you like to stroll along the sandy beaches or hike along a rocky coast? You will have a lot to consider and it is important not to rush the decision and take your time.

However, no matter what you decide, PSS International Removals is here to help make your move overseas easier than ever before. With over 40 years experience in the international removals industry, we will ensure that you belongings arrive in perfect condition from the UK. Contact us today to get started on your move.