Are you deciding whether to live in Hong Kong or Singapore? Here we will explore the key factors to help you decide. Both will provide a high quality of life, but which is better for you?

When deciding on a new place to call home, especially between two bustling financial hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore, the details matter. The deciding factor, for many, is the career opportunities on offer. Whilst this is important, you will need to consider other factors to see which country is most suitable for you based on your lifestyle.

Hong Kong is known for its impressive number of skyscrapers and its incredible shopping experience. Singapore is famous for being super clean and the weather in Singapore is hot year-round as well, which is a major benefit compared to living in the UK.

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Now, let’s get started on whether you should move to Hong Kong or Singapore.

1. Which provides the better job opportunities – Hong Kong or Singapore?Which provides the better job opportunities – Hong Kong or Singapore

As alluded to before, the job you market is a key factor you will need to consider. Hong Kong is closely tied to the Chinese market, making it a hub for finance, IT, and services. The city’s economy is highly dynamic, which reflects its role as a global financial centre. If you’re in finance or IT, you’ll find plenty of opportunities, especially in companies that serve the vast Chinese and international markets.

Singapore, on the other hand, is known as the gateway to Southeast Asia. It serves the same markets as Hong Kong but casts a wider net due to its diverse regional influence. Here, you not only tap into local and Chinese markets but also connect with the broader Southeast Asian economies. The most in demand jobs in Singapore for expats include healthcare, IT and logistics.

So, both countries offer excellent opportunities in similar sectors. Yet, your choice might hinge on the type of market exposure you’re looking for. It’s worth exploring the top job posting websites in Singapore and Hong Kong such as Job Street and Xpat Jobs China to see which opportunities are there for you.

2. Which is warmer – Hong Kong or Singapore?Which is warmer – Hong Kong or Singapore

Hong Kong experiences a subtropical climate, which means hot, humid summers and mild, dry winters. During the summer months in Hong Kong, temperatures can climb above 30°C and are often accompanied by high humidity and heavy rainfall. So, from June to October, be prepared for occasional thunderstorms in the summer.

Singapore, on average, is hotter than Hong Kong with consistent warmth and high humidity year-round and temperatures hovering between 25°C and 31°C. You will experience very little rain and even in the winter months, you will experience a minimum of 24°C which is very nice.

Both Hong Kong and Singapore can suffer the occasional typhoon between June and November so be prepared for everything to shut down if this happens.

3. Are there more fun outdoor activities in Hong Kong or Singapore?Are there more fun outdoor activities in Hong Kong or Singapore

Hong Kong and Singapore both offer amazing outdoor activities, albeit in very different settings. You’ll find your element in Hong Kong if you enjoy nature, hiking trails, and natural reserves. Dragon’s Back, in particular, is a favourite among locals for its breath-taking ridgeline walks, which offer expansive views of the South China Sea. The hike will take about 1 hour 26 minutes to complete and it’s perfect if you are looking to explore beautiful scenery and great views.

For a different kind of adventure, the mountainous hikes of Lantau Island lead you to incredible spots like the famous Big Buddha, providing both a physical and spiritual retreat. The views from the top are known to be spectacular, however, be warned there are plenty of steps to reach the top!

Singapore is also known for its greens. Gardens by the Bay is an iconic example, featuring the futuristic Supertree Grove and vast flower domes. Gardens by the Bay is an amazing place to visit and is a great place to relax and admire nature. You can spend hours there exploring all the different types of gardens.

Other popular outdoor activities in Singapore include the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s open daily and is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. It’s away from the city, but it’s a good way to escape the hustle and bustle, and a must for those who love hiking, birds, and wildlife.

4. Is it cheaper to live in Hong Kong or Singapore?Is it cheaper to live in Hong Kong or Singapore

Hong Kong and Singapore both rank similarly when it comes to the cost of living. When it comes to everyday living costs like groceries and dining out, it will of course vary depending on whether you decide to shop in luxury stores and restaurants or you decide to shop in budget-friendly stores.

For instance, a dozen eggs in Singapore costs around S$4.50 (£2.65) whereas in Hong Kong, it’s about HK$31.27 (£3.19). For milk, you can expect to pay around S$4.34 (£2.56) in Singapore compared to Hong Kong’s HK$22.22 (£2.27).

Dining out in Singapore is slightly more affordable, but there is very little difference in what you are likely to spend. For instance, a mid-range restaurant will likely cost you around HK$533.87 (£54.51). In contrast, you will expect to pay S$92.50 (£54.50) in Singapore.

So, as you map out your expenses, think about your daily life in each city and let that guide your choice.

5. How does the food vary from Hong Kong to Singapore?


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Hong Kong is a sanctuary for food lovers, especially if you love Cantonese cuisine. It has some of the most amazing and world-class dim sum, with specialties such as Har Gow (shrimp dumplings) and Siu Mai (pork dumplings). The city is also famous for its roast goose and pineapple buns, a staple in local bakeries.

But beyond local delights, Hong Kong’s food is also impressively international because of its cosmopolitan nature, so you’ll find everything from authentic Italian to spicy Indian. Head over to streets such as Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Kwai Fong or Sham Shui Po for amazing street food.

Singapore’s food is also massively shaped by its multicultural population, from Chinese to Malay, Indian, and European influences. Hawker Centers, the heart of Singapore’s dining culture, are where you can indulge in everything from Hainanese Chicken Rice to Laksa at prices that are also quite wallet-friendly. But one of the must-try dishes is the chili crab, which is incredible.

6. How does the work-life balance compare between Hong Kong and Singapore?How does the work-life balance compare between Hong Kong and Singapore

Hong Kong is always bustling with a never-sleep atmosphere. It has an intense work environment, and the norm is long working hours which is extremely demanding sometimes.

Singapore is no less in terms of the demanding work environment, but it has been increasingly focusing on initiatives to promote work-life balance. The government and many private companies are implementing policies encouraging flexible working hours, remote work options, and wellness programs.

In both cities hard work is the norm and many companies expect employees to work half days on Saturdays.

7.  How does the sporting culture compare between Hong Kong and Singapore?

How does the sporting culture compare between Hong Kong and Singapore (1)

Unlike many other factors, sports is where these two countries are poles apart. While you could easily call Hong Kong the hub of sports, with traditional dragon boat racing, which has a strong cultural presence, Singapore positions itself as a premier host of international sporting events, such as the Formula One Grand Prix and the WTA Finals.

The biggest sport in Hong Kong is horse racing with two very popular race courses at Happy Valley and Sha Tin. Hong Kong also hosts the most famous Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, one of the most popular international rugby events. Singapore offers some of the most extensive facilities for water sports because of its island geography.

So, if you enjoy being part of large international events, Singapore is your destination. But, if you’re drawn to more culturally rooted sports, Hong Kong could be a better fit for you.

8.  Is the healthcare system better in Hong Kong or Singapore?Is the healthcare system better in Hong Kong or Singapore

Hong Kong’s healthcare system is a mix of public and private facilities, both at par in terms of quality of service and accessibility. The public system is heavily subsidised and provides services at a very low cost to residents, which also means longer waiting times. For faster service, the private sector offers excellent care, though it can be costly if you don’t have proper health insurance.

Singapore also has an outstanding healthcare system known for its high-quality services. Over the last decade, the government has invested heavily in health infrastructure, providing top-notch services.

Like Hong Kong, the cost can be high in the private sector, but Singapore’s system is slightly more integrated and often more cost-effective.

9. How does the culture vary from Hong Kong or Singapore?How does the culture vary from Hong Kong or Singapore

Hong Kong still retains a strong Cantonese cultural presence. You’ll see that in the city’s many traditions, festivals, and daily life. The bustling street markets, the lively celebrations of Chinese festivals, and the prevalence of Cantonese in both street signs and conversations.

Yet, due to its history as a British colony, it is also deeply ingrained with Western influences, offering an interesting mix that can feel familiar and exotic.

Whereas Singapore is a melting pot where not just two, but multiple cultures converge. The city-state beautifully integrates cultures like Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western elements, creating a uniquely diverse social fabric. English serves as the lingua franca, which might help ease your transition from the UK.

10. Is education better in Hong Kong or Singapore?Is education better in Hong Kong or Singapore

In terms of education too, both Hong Kong and Singapore offer excellent opportunities. Hong Kong is known for its competitive academic atmosphere, where the quality of education is very high, and the schools are equipped with fresh facilities. But, the environment can be highly demanding for students.

Like Hong Kong, Singapore also offers many international schools, but it is renowned for its rigorous public school system. The public system consistently ranks among the top global educational standards. It highlights Singapore’s position on the global stage in terms of its education quality.

11. Hong Kong beaches vs Singapore beachesHong Kong beaches vs Singapore beaches

Hong Kong might surprise you with its various beaches. With its wide, sandy shores and upscale amenities, Repulse Bay is a favorite among sun-seekers. It’s a perfect place to swim and a lively social hub with chic cafes and shops.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shek O offers a more laid-back vibe and quieter environment, perfect for escaping the city’s frenzy and enjoying a more natural setting. It is a very nice clean beach and is very easy to get to. There are also a few good local eateries that will provide you with fantastic food for a reasonable price.

Singapore’s beaches offer a slightly more manicured experience. These are on Sentosa Island and along the East Coast. Sentosa Island is known for its theme parks and resorts, which are somewhat artificial yet extremely well-maintained.  The East Coast Park beach is another popular spot, offering many activities in a more controlled setting compared to the natural ruggedness of Hong Kong’s coastal areas.

12. UK Expat Community

Hong Kong has long been a magnet for UK expats for its dynamic lifestyle and career opportunities. The expat community here is well-established, with social clubs and networks, such as the prestigious Hong Kong Club, where newcomers can connect with fellow Brits.

Singapore equally stands out as a top choice for UK expats, and it is known for its safety, cleanliness, and structured environment. From cricket clubs to traditional British pubs, Singapore offers familiar comforts that make settling in much easier. It’s worth getting involved Facebook expat groups to adapt and make new friends.

13. Visa and Immigration RequirementsVisa and Immigration Requirements

Both Hong Kong and Singapore have pretty structured and clear visa and immigration policies. In Hong Kong, if you’re a professional, investor, or entrepreneur, there are several visa options available to you. The General Employment Policy (GEP) is perfect for professionals with skills that are in demand but not readily available locally.

Singapore, much like Hong Kong, also offers a well-organised visa system. The Employment Pass is a common choice for foreign professionals, managers, and executives planning to work in Singapore.

So, both countries might seem similar in their approach to welcoming professionals, but your career path and intentions might sway your decision.

14.  Is it easier to ship my belongings to Singapore or Hong Kong?

Shipping your belongings to Hong Kong or Singapore

One of the key steps in moving to a new country is shipping your belongings safely. Thankfully, PSS International Removals specialises in moving personal belongings across the globe with care and precision.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, they understand the nuances of international relocation and will ensure that your belongings arrive in perfect condition.

So, when you decide to make the big move to Hong Kong or Singapore, consider how a professional service can help with the typical challenges of relocating, like ensuring that your belongings are handled with care, arrive on time, and are set up in your new home.

15. How do housing prices compare from Hong Kong to Singapore?How do housing prices compare from Hong Kong to Singapore

Traditionally, Hong Kong has held the title for some of the highest housing prices in the world. However, recent reports say that Singapore has now surpassed Hong Kong, becoming the most expensive city in Asia-Pacific for buying or renting homes. The Institute’s APAC Home Attainability Index showed that the median price for a Singapore home was $1.2 million (compared to $1.16 million in Hong Kong)

Monthly rent in Singapore has also held the top spot in the Asia-Pacific at a median of $2,598 whereas Hong Kong’s average is $1,676. Young professionals moving out of their family homes and an influx of immigrants are said to be the main drivers behind Singapore’s rise in rent and home prices.

Of course, if you are looking for affordable options to live in Singapore or Hong Kong, it’s worth looking at the suburbs, away from the busy cities.

As accommodation is so expensive in both cities, it is highly beneficial to have included it as part of your expat remuneration package.

16. Which country has the higher tax rates?

Hong Kong has simple and low tax rates. There is no VAT or sales tax, and personal income tax rates are also quite low. Corporate tax rates are capped at 16.5%, which is tempting if you’re considering moving a business or even starting one in Hong Kong.

Similarly, Singapore also offers low personal income tax rates. However, it does have a Goods and Services Tax (GST) currently at 7%. Despite this, the corporate tax rates in Singapore are very competitive, maxing out at 17%. The government also offers various tax incentives and rebates that can effectively lower your tax obligations.

So, while both Hong Kong and Singapore provide tax environments that offer substantial savings, especially compared to other major global countries, your decision might come down to the financial benefits you need for your personal and professional situation.

17. How does the transport system compare from Hong Kong to Singapore?How does the transport system compare from Hong Kong to Singapore

Hong Kong and Singapore both boast top-tier public transportation systems. They’re efficient, cover the city well, and make it pretty easy to get around without a car.

The MTR (subway) is a highlight in Hong Kong, and it is known for its speed and frequency. It connects all major parts of the city and makes it affordable to explore different neighborhoods. Also, with the Octopus card, a rechargeable contactless smart card, you can easily transition between different modes of transport.

Singapore’s public transport is also equally impressive. The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is well-planned, connecting residential areas with business hubs. It also uses an electronic payment system, the EZ-Link card, simplifying fare payments across its entire public transport network.

If we compare them in terms of cost, a monthly public transport pass in Hong Kong is cheaper at around HK$500 (£50.99) compared to S$120 (£70.65) in Singapore.

Looking to move to Hong Kong or Singapore?

In deciding whether to make your move to Hong Kong or Singapore, it’s clear that both countries offer unique and attractive attributes that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. If you are looking for constant warm and high humidity year-round, Singapore will be the best option. Whilst, Hong Kong does have good weather, especially in the summer months, you will experience more rain and colder weather compared to Singapore.

Hong Kong, on the other hand, does provide more natural beaches compared to Singapore. If you love exploring beaches in your free time, this may be a key factor. Also, in recent years, Hong Kong is a cheaper place to buy houses or rent compared to Singapore, which is well worth taking into account.

If you require assistance with shipping your belongings to Hong Kong or Singapore, make sure to contact PSS International Removals. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry and can help you move without any hassle. Contact us today.