Is Canada The Perfect Place To Live? Check Out the Video Guide To Inspire Your Move To Canada.

To celebrate the beauty of Canada, we’ve put together five videos that highlight the best of this magnificent country and one that will set you on the right track if you’re thinking of making Canada your new home.

Canada has ambitious migration plans to grow their economy. They are planning to invite 465,000 permeant residents in 2023 and are looking to increase the number in the next couple of years. This provides a great opportunity for those who have always dreamed of living in Canada.

We will start by looking at why people move to Canada and why Canada is so popular. Then we take a look at some of the best places to live or visit in Canada and provide you with all the essential facts you need to know before you visit. Finally, we get some advice from a local on what you should and shouldn’t say so you can be sure to fit in when you arrive.

We hope you find our guide helpful, no matter if you’re still only contemplating moving to Canada or if you have already sold your house and booked your flight.

 1) Is Canada right for you?

Are you thinking of moving to Canada? Here’s a video showing why it’s such a good idea:

For more visit our article on great reasons to move to Canada.

2) Why is Canada the Most Admired Country on Earth?

Canada is one of the first countries people turn to as a good example in everything from manners, healthcare, tolerance, economics and progressive thinking. This video takes a look at how Canada sets such a good example and is why it is so widely admired:

3) The Best Places to Live in Canada

OK deciding to move to Canada was easy but, with so many amazing cities and provinces, deciding where to live is a lot harder. This video should help give you some ideas. If after watching you are still undecided, remember that once you move to Canada all these places will be within easy reach!

4) 101 Facts About Canada

Before you arrive you need to swot up on your Canadian general knowledge. This video will quickly get you up to speed with 101 facts about Canada:

5) 10 Things Not to do in Canada

Whilst Canadians are renowned for being open, friendly and tolerant, the last thing you want to do when you first arrive is put your foot in it. This video will set you off on the right track and ensure you make a great first impression:


Bonus Video: The Stunning Natural Beauty of Canada

Ok, no video collection on Canada would be complete without showcasing the natural beauty Canada has to offer. Here’s one of our favourites:

Moving to Canada from the UK

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You can find out shipping costs to Canada by contacting our team and they will be able to provide you with a quote. Alternatively, if you are looking to send over furniture and other household belongings, we provide an international removal service to Canada.